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Immortals of Aveum Combat Guide

Immortals of Aveum Combat Guide
Immortals of Aveum Combat Guide

The combat in Immortals of Aveum can occasionally be very hectic. The game sometimes throws a lot at you and you have a lot of tools at your disposal to combat that, however, it can be overwhelming. In this Immortals of Aveum Combat Guide, I’m going to give you tips & tricks to help you be victorious!

Immortals of Aveum Combat Tips & Tricks

  • Color Matching: Basic enemy countering is simply matching the enemy’s color and using it against them.
    • Blue Magic Sigils act similarly to Pistols and Snipers
    • Green Magic Sigils act similarly to SMGs
    • Red Magic Sigils act similarly to Shotguns
  • Fragfire + Breachfire: These red magic sigils deal more damage the closer you are to the enemy.
  • Damage over Time effects are pretty effective and scale well with Magic Power.
  • Melee: Melee attacks have some striking range as your character will dash forward to connect the hit. They are effective against weaker enemies and quickly take them out while reloading your Sigil.
  • Fury Spells: Use furies on a regular basis. You will find a lot of Mana Crystals throughout Aveum. There are always a bunch of them before and during a boss fight, so don’t hold back.
  • Wards: There are 3 defensive wards in the game that block all your control spells. So if you see an enemy with a Blue Bubble Shield, a Red Armor Aura, or a Green Regen Aura, then your lash, limpet, and disrupt spells are rendered useless.
  • Disrupt: Use the Disrupt Lens when enemies have a golden glow around their health bar as that is their moment of weakness.
  • Dominion Spell: Don’t forget your Ultimate Dominion Spell during boss encounters. This spell is overkill during regular combat but because it isn’t used as much it tends to be forgotten.
  • Limpets:
    • This green control spell lets you slow down enemies.
    • They can be used simultaneously while casting magic with your other hand.
    • Limpets won’t work if the enemy has a shield, armor, or regen spell active.
    • Hitting a limpet with red will cause it to turn red and then explode.
  • Eliminate Groups: You will be confronted by a mixture of enemies during encounters. Try and eliminate them per group and not individually. This gives you more control over the combat. Defeat all Red enemies first as these are constantly in your face. Then the Blue enemies as these have a lot of direct hit attacks. Green Magni often have slower attacks and therefore are easier to dodge.
  • Instant Death Lash: You will encounter a lot of enemies on a ledge during challenging segments. These can often be pulled in with your Lash and then dropped into the void/bottomless pit while using a (Red) magic spell.
  • Shield: While it looks like the Shield only protects you from the front, it actually blocks incoming attacks from all sides.
  • Shield Recharge:
    • If you deactivate your Shield before it breaks, it will recharge its health faster.
    • “Guard Punch” is a useful skill to get your Shield back if it’s broken. Simply melee someone to get it back.
  • Sigil Speed: The Green “Maelstrom” and blue “Javalin” sigils will reduce your movement speed a little bit. You can negate this by hovering above the ground, this also works with your Shield.
  • Blink: Blink can be used to dodge enemy attacks, however, some enemies have a weak spot on their back. Use the Blink to quickly get behind these types of enemies.
  • Upgrade Gear: While you can upgrade common and uncommon gear, save your resources for Epic and Legendary gear as they are costly. Deconstructing gear doesn’t give you all your resources back.
  • Plan your Talent Tree: Look ahead and plan out which skills are important for your play style.
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