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Immortals of Aveum Controls

Immortals of Aveum Controls
Immortals of Aveum Controls

You can play Immortals of Aveum with a controller or Keyboard and Mouse. Below you will find the default button mapping for both control schemes. You can remap the input controls for the PC.

Immortals of Aveum Controller Button Layout

Immortals of Aveum Xbox Controls
Immortals of Aveum Xbox Controls
Move / SprintLeft Thumbstick
Look / MeleeRight Thumbstick
Fire Strike SpellRight Trigger
Fire Control SpellLeft Trigger
Open Fury SpellbookRight Bumper
ShieldLeft Bumper
Jump / HoverA
Reload / Interact / Mana CrystalX
Cycle Strike SpellsY
Select LashD-pad Up
Select DisruptD-pad Left
Use Heath CrystalD-pad Right
Select LimpetsD-pad Down
Cast Ultimate SpellPress both Thumbsticks
Game MenuScreen Button
Pause GameHamburger Button

Immortals of Aveum PC Button Mapping

Immortals of Aveum Keyboard Controls
Immortals of Aveum Keyboard Controls
Move ForwardW
Move BackwardsS
Strafe RightD
Strafe LeftA
Fire Strike Spell[Left Mouse Button]
Fire Control Spell[Right Mouse Button]
Cycle Strike Spells[Scroll Mouse Wheel Up] or E
Cycle Control Spells[Scroll Mouse Wheel Down] or Q
Cast UltimateZ
Mana CrystalX
Health CrystalC
Talent MenuT
Gear MenuG
Reload Primary Spell ClipR
System Menu[ESC]

Check out my Immortals of Aveum Wiki for more information about the game.

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