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Immortals of Aveum “Crystal Fane” Shroudfane Guide

The Crystal Fane is one of the Shroudfane in Immortals of Aveum. This puzzle-based challenge can be accessed through a portal located in Lucium.

RewardsRadiant Health Stone
+1 Legendary Essence
+300 XP

Crystal Fane Location

Immortals of Aveum Shroudfane Crystal Fane Map Location
  • Fast Travel to Lucium
  • Climb up the cliff, you can use buildings to your advantage
  • Follow the path to the Shroudfane

Crystal Fane Guide

This Shroudfane has you shooting crystals with their corresponding magic color. Every time you are successful a new section of the obstacle course will appear. Your hover ability will make it easier to jump onto some of the floating platforms.

  • Jump towards the next platform.
    • Shoot Green
    • Shoot Blue
  • Get across the gap by getting on the moving platform.
    • Shoot Blue
    • Shoot Green
    • Shoot Red
  • Get across the gap by getting onto the floating platform.
    • Shoot Red
  • Get on the first floating platform and move towards the second set of platforms near the crystals.
    • Shoot Green
    • Shoot Blue
    • Shoot Red (My Breachfire was able to hit it)
  • Run, Jump, and Hover off the platform towards the end goal.
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