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Immortals of Aveum “Dominator Fane” Shatterfane Guide

Immortals of Aveum: Dominator Fane Guide

The Dominator Fane is one of the Shatterfane in Immortals of Aveum. This End Game challenge was added with the Free Echollectors Update. You can access this corrupted Shroudfane through a portal located in Oremen.

RequirementsReach Chapter 16 – Glaivegate
RewardsTristorm Ring
1 Legendary Essence

Dominator Fane Location

Immortals of Aveum Shatterfane - Dominator Fane Location
  • Fast Travel to Oremen using the Sky Islands Portal
  • Travel across the Layline
  • Defeat the enemies
  • Cross the gap using your lash
  • Enter the Shatterfane

Dominator Fane Guide

This Shatterfane is basically 3-times encountering a Horde Fane. You will travel from 1 dungeon to another. Each one is filled with increasingly more challenging Magni, Gestalt, and Constructs.

Make sure you excel in all 3 colors of magic. Use the terrain to your advantage. Tunnels can be used as cover and Grapple Points to quickly move around from crowded locations.

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