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Immortals of Aveum “Holosteric Fane” Shatterfane Guide

The Holosteric Fane is one of the Shatterfane in Immortals of Aveum. This End Game challenge was added with the Free Echollectors Update. You can access this corrupted Shroudfane through a portal located in Shrineforge.

RequirementsReach Chapter 16 – Glaivegate
RewardsImmolate Ring
1 Legendary Essence
+2000 XP

Holosteric Fane Location

Immortals of Aveum Shatterfane - Holosteric Fane Location
  • Fast Travel to the Shrineforge
  • Make your way through the temple
  • The corrupted Shroudfane is in a side room of the big altar.
  • Enter the Shatterfane

Holosteric Fane Guide

This Shatterfane will line you up to a firing squad of Battlemages. A small path will extend each time an increasingly stronger brute will join your platform. In the meantime, you will be attacked from afar as a bridge slowly starts to create.

Use Red Magic blasts and Melee punches to quickly push enemies from your platform.

Blue Sigils, Green Sigils, and the Torrent Fury can be used to take out the enemies in the distance.

(I wonder if you can cast a Vortex to quickly take down the enemies up on the wall as you pull them over the edge)

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