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Immortals of Aveum: How to Break Wards

Immortals of Aveum How to Break Wards
Immortals of Aveum How to Break Wards

Wards are these blue barriers that block your passage in Immortals of Aveum. You can see them on the map, however, the game doesn’t explain them to you and thereby leaves you wondering why you cannot access these areas. Then there is another moment where the game suggests you gained the ability to open these Wards that shield you off with a companion, however, that’s only for those few Wards you encounter in that mission.

How to Break Blue Walls?

Immortals of Aveum: How to Break Wards

You can break these Blue Magical Barriers once you obtain the Wardbreaker ability. This will become available during mission 13 “Collateral”. Once obtained, you can simply melee these Blue Wards to remove them.

What’s Behind the Blue Walls in Immortals of Aveum?

These Blue Wards are hidden throughout Immortals of Aveum and often shield you from Golden Chest containing quality loot so that’s a good reason to backtrack and revisit some of the older locations.

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