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Immortals of Aveum: How to get to Glaivegate

Immortals of Aveum Glaivegate Travel Guide
Immortals of Aveum Glaivegate Travel Guide

Your mission is to travel to Glaivegate at the start of chapter 16 in Immortals of Aveum, however, you might be wondering how to get there. Because you just escaped Seren and are dropped back into Lucium – a location you already explored – and now you somehow need to “Reach the Wall”. If not, you probably didn’t encounter this bug in the game where the quest marker disappears on you.

Step-by-Step Travel Guide

Here is a handy guide on how you can reach the wall in Glaivegate in Immortals of Aveum. Completing these steps will also restore your quest marker.

  1. Find a fast travel portal

  2. Choose the Kalthus region

  3. Travel to the “Kalthus Plains” fast travel location

  4. Defeat the enemies

    You are confronted by several enemies when you step out of the Kalthus Plains fast travel portal.

  5. Go through the gate

    During your earlier visit, you would have continued going left, however, the gate to the right has opened up.

  6. Defeat the Archons

    There is a big fight just past this gate. There are some Grapple Anchors that you can use to your advantage. If you manage to defeat the Archons, then you are rewarded with the Legendary Eclipse.

  7. Travel the Layline

    You need to completely follow the Layline to reach Glaivegate, however, if you jump off halfway across the layline, you can find the Suspension Fane.

  8. Keep following the path

    There are a few gaps you need to cross by using your lash on the Grapple Anchors.

  9. Enter Glaivegate

    A cutscene will play when you have reached the wall in Glaivegate. Your quest marker will now also return to normal.

Glaivegate Travel Map

Immortals of Aveum Map. A travel guide to Glaivegate.
Immortals of Aveum travel guide: Follow the yellow dotted line in order to reach Glaivegate.
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