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Immortals of Aveum “Lattice Fane” Shroudfane Guide

The Lattice Fane is one of the Shroudfane in Immortals of Aveum. This Traversal-based challenge can be accessed through a portal located in Oremen.

RewardsVortex Fury Spell
+1 Legendary Essence
+600 XP

Lattice Fane Location

Immortals of Aveum Shroudfane - Lattice Fane Map Guide
  • Fast Travel to Oremen
  • Before you enter the Library of Akoth there is a portal
  • Interact with the Blue Orb to reveal the portal and a golden chest
  • Enter the Shroudfane

Lattice Fane Guide

This Shroudfane has you gliding on several Laylines. Grapple onto the first one and position yourself while gliding so you can pass through the gates. Once you reach the end of a Layline, you need to grab onto the next one. You can use your hover to get in close and give yourself a bit more time to aim. This routine will occur a few times but on the last Layline you need to use your Lash on a grapple point in order to land on the altar platform.

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