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Immortals of Aveum: New Game+ Explained

Immortals of Aveum NewGamePlay Guide
Immortals of Aveum NewGamePlay Guide

Immortals of Aveum received a New Game+ mode with the Free Echollectors Update. This new mode enables you to replay the story campaign while keeping all of your character progress. That way you are able to further level up your Talent Tree, find loot you previously missed, maybe accomplish some of those missable achievements, or challenge yourself on a higher difficulty setting.

How to start New Game+

Once you manage to beat the final boss, you can find a shrine behind Zendara in Glaivegate – Kalthus region – that lets you enable New Game+.

Immortals of Aveum NewGamePlay Shrine
Immortals of Aveum NewGame+ Shrine
  • BUG: Players who already finished the game before the Echollectors update are locked out of New Game+ due to an unforeseen bug. Ascendant Studios has already worked on a fix but is waiting on certification from the platforms.
    • You could restart the chapter but then you will have to redo your Epilogue progress if you want to bring that along.

How New Game+ Works

  • New Game+ lets you begin a new playthrough while preserving key progression features.
  • The new playthrough skips the introductions and drops you in as a Magnus of the Light’s Army. You will start at Chapter 3 – Yltheum – and thereby bypass the Streetwise and The Magnus Chapters.
  • Gear, Resources, Talents, Arcanum (XP), and Health and Mana upgrades carry over from the previous playthrough.
  • All unlocked Spells and Abilities carry over EXCEPT Augment spells (Grapple, Disrupt, Animate, etc.) due to their unlock requirements. These are the spells you use in puzzles and dictate the progression through the world of Aveum.
  • Epic and Legendary Gear can be upgraded to higher levels in the Forge. The Upgrade slots are doubled in New Game+.
  • Chests that contain Gear will provide Arcanum (XP) if you already obtained that item in your first playthrough. If you didn’t find that item in your initial playthrough you will simply get the item.
  • Enemy health, damage, and abilities have been rebalanced, and experience and currency earned have been adjusted to scale with New Game+ progression.
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