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Maurice’s Black Market Location Guide – Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Black Market Location Guide
Borderlands 3 Black Market Location Guide

Maurice’s Black Market Vending Machine Explained

Maurice’s Black Market Vending machine sells Top-Tier Legendary Loot. This hidden vending machine was added to the game through a free update that came alongside the release of the Director’s Cut. The Black Market instantly became a highly sought-out vending machine in Borderlands 3, however, the shop’s location changes on a weekly basis.

Gearbox Software will be hiding this vendor each week and will fill it up with a unique top-tier loot pool. The Black Market can appear all over the BL3 universe but it won’t appear in any of the DLC maps. So if you just own the base game you can still enjoy this as well.

Where is Maurice?

Where is Borderlands 3 Black Market located this week?

Maurice’s Black Market Vending Machine is located in the Cathedral of the Twin Gods on the planet Pandora this week. You can find the vendor near the pipeline inside The Outer Sanctum. Check out the map below for guidance.

Borderlands 3 Black Market Location Map

TTWL Art Book
Borderlands 3 Black Market Location Map Week 35
Borderlands 3 Black Market Location From May 25 till June 1, 2023

Don’t tell warmonger, Marcus about the Black Market Location!


What items does the Black Market sell?

Every week Maurice’s Black Market Vending Machine changes location but it also changes its loot pool. Gearbox Software creates a unique loot pool, especially for the Black Market that’s worth picking up. They can put anything they want in the vending machine.

The Black Market can have multiple versions of a piece of gear. This way you can easily pick up an item that suits your needs without having to go to Crazy Earl to Reroll the anoint.

This week’s Black Market Weapons & Items

You can purchase the black market items with regular money but they can be pretty expensive, so you better stack up on cash. Weapon Parts, Elements, and Anoints will be different each time you visit.

I got a full overview of all the other Borderlands 3 legendary items in case you are looking for another specific item for your character build.

Borderlands 3 Black Market Gone

Did the Black Market Vending Machine disappear and not show up at the location mentioned above? This means you already interacted with the machine. It doesn’t matter if you made a purchase.

Gearbox Software implemented a timer to prevent you from farming the vendor. You are safe if you stay in the same map but once you travel to a new location, the vendor is gone.

If you want to farm Maurice’s vending machine again, you will need to wait 30 minutes (in-game) before you it reappears again. This reset requires you to reload the map.

Gearbox Software will hide the Black Market at a new location every Thursday at 9:00 AM PT. So if the vending machine isn’t appearing at the location above anymore. I’m probably looking for its new location, check back in a bit as I’ll update this guide as soon as possible.

Black Market Locations

Here you can find an overview of all the previous Black Market Locations. The week numbers don’t correspond with the actual week numbers it’s just counting up the number of times the Black Market has moved its location. Check above, if you want to know where Maurice is today.

Week 1AmbermireBreath of the Dying, Kyb’s Worth, Double-Penetrating Redline
Week 2Ascension BluffKaos, Hex, Lyuda
Week 3Lectra CityFaisor, Bitch, Bangarang
Week 4Tazendeer RuinsTrevonator, Krakatoa, Black Hole
Week 5CarnivoraConference Call, Flood, Sickle
Week 6The AnvilNight Hawkin, AutoAimé, Hellshock
Week 7Skywell-27Laser-Sploder, Mutant, Flakker
Week 8Konrad’s HoldLightshow, Recursion, Nemesis
Week 9The Pyre of StarsCrossbow, Garcia, Plus Ultra
Week 10The DroughtsCutsman, Madcap, King’s Call, Queen’s Call
Week 11Atlas HQFree Radical, Ogre, Brainstormer
Week 12Blackbarrel CellarsNagata, Lucian’s Call, AAA
Week 13Voracious CanopyCarrier, Hornet, Infinity
Week 14Desolation’s EdgeFace-puncher, Moxxi’s Bouncing Pair, Sawbar
Week 15Meridian OutskirtsScourge, Maggie, Impaler
Week 16Devil’s RazorCrossroad, Shredifier, Rowan’s Call
Week 17 Cathedral of the Twin GodsPredatory Lending, Tankman’s Shield, The Butcher
Week 18AthenasFlood, Tiggs Boom, Ripper
Week 19Jakobs EstateHeadsplosion, Frozen Heart, Magnificent
Week 20Meridian MetroplexDNA, Fastball, Bearcat
Week 21SplinterlandsMonocle, The Lob, Oldridian
Week 22Floodmoor BasinHellfire, Lead Sprinkler, Messy Breakup
Week 23Neon ArterialKings Call, Queens Call, Handsome Jackhammer, Sledge’s Shotgun
Week 24Lectra CityASMD, Barrage, Moonfire
Week 25 Ascension BluffDamned, Smart Gun XXL, Reflux
Week 26The Pyre of StarsThe Tidal Wave, Ruby’s Wrath, The Horizon
Week 27 AmbermireWarlord, Surge, Mongol
Week 28Konrad’s HoldWoodblocker, Julliet’s Dazzle, Plaguebearer
Week 29The DroughtsKaoson, Firestorm, Storm, The Dictator
Week 30Jakobs EstateCreeping Death, Hellwalker, Firestorm
Week 31 The AnvilSandhawk, Embrace the Pain, Red Queen
Week 32Skywell-27Redistributor, Hyperfocus XZ41, The Duc
Week 33Jakobs EstateBekah, Quasar, Baby Maker
Week 34Meridian OutskirtsNagata, AAA, Lucian’s Call
Week 35Cathedral of the Twin GodsVanquisher, Blood-Starved Beast, Tran-fusion
Week 36Atlas HQKyb’s Worth, Breath of the Dying, Redline
Week 37Voracious CanopyHellfire, Lead Sprinkler, Messy Break up
Week 38The Pyre of StarsLight Show, Long Musket, Gatling Gun
Week 39Lectra CityMonocle, The Lob, Oldridian
Week 40Konrad’s HoldBrainstormer, The Duc, Hyperfocus
Week 41Meridian MetroplexBrainstormer, Ogre, Free Radical
Week 42Voracious CanopyStorm, Fire Storm, The Dictator, Kaoson
Week 43 Desolation’s EdgeJericho, Pain is Power, Front loader
Week 44Lectra CityRipper, Flood, Tigg’s Boom
Week 45Cathedral of the Twin Gods Scoville, Widowmaker, Ten Gallon
Week 46Meridian MetroplexLightshow, Recursion, Nemesis
Week 47Floodmoor BasinHellwalker, Firestorm, Shrike
Week 48Desolation’s EdgeP.A.T. Mk. II, Try-Bolt, Nova Berner
Week 49Meridian OutskirtsHeadsplosion, Snow Shoe, Magnificent
Week 50Konrad’s HoldAlchemist, Devil’s Foursum, Clairvoyance
Week 51UnknownUnknown
Week 52Voracious CanopySandhawk, Red Queen, Pain is Power
Week 53Desolation’s EdgeBekah, Baby Maker, Quasar
Week 54Lectra CityDNA, FastBall, Bearcat
Week 55Konrad’s HoldBackburner, Night Flyer, Rectifier
Week 56Neon ArterialCutsman, Queens Call, Madcap
Week 57Floodmoor BasinWoodblocker, Juliets Dazzle, Plaguebearer
Week 58The Pyre of Stars9-Volt, The Companion, Epicenter
Week 59Jakobs EstateTankman’s Shield, The Butcher, Predatory Lending
Week 60Cathedral of the Twin GodsVanquisher, Blood-Starved Beast, Tran-fusion
Week 61Atlas HQLaser-Sploder, Mutant, Flakker
Week 62The AnvilBrainstormer, Hyperfocus XZ41, The Duc
Week 63The DroughtsBreath of the Dying, Kyb’s Worth, Redline
Week 64Jakobs EstateHellfire, Lead Sprinkler, Messy Breakup
Week 65SplinterlandsGatling Gun, Long Musket, Light Show
Week 66AthenasNagata, AAA, Lucian’s Call
Week 67Blackbarrel CellarsGood Juju, Rebel Yell, Nimble Jack
Week 68The DroughtsKaos, Hex, Lyuda
Week 69AmbermireKings Call, Queens Call, Handsome Jackhammer, Sledge’s Shotgun
Week 70SplinterlandsSellout, Dark Army, Freeman
Week 71AthenaCarrier, Hornet, Infinity
Week 72Blackbarrel CellarsHive, One Pump Chump, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
Week 73The DroughtsFaisor, Bitch, Bangarang
Week 74AmbermireASMD, Moonfire, Barrage
Week 75CarnivoraPhebert, Atlas Replay, Psycho Stabber
Week 76AthenasSawbar, Face Puncher, Moxxi’s Bouncing Pair
Week 77Blackbarrel CellarsCloud Kill, Devastator, EMP
Week 78Ascension BluffTrevonator, Krakatoa, Black Hole
Week 79AmbermireDamned, Smart Gun XXL, Reflux
Week 80CarnivoraThe Boring Gun, Quadomizer, The Transformer
Week 81Skywell-27Scourge, Maggie, Impaler
Week 82Devil’s RazorScorpio, Destructo Spinner, Re-Router
Week 83Ascension BluffNight Hawkin, AutoAimé, Hellshock
Week 84The AnvilThe Tidal Wave, Ruby’s Wrath, The Horizon
Week 85Tazendeer RuinsRoisen’s Thorns, Tunguska, Sleeping Giant
Week 86Skywell-27Rowan’s Call, Crossroad, Bone Shredder
Week 87Devil’s RazorMind-Killer, Superball, T.K. Wave / Tidal Wave
Week 88Ascension BluffConference Call, Sickle, The Flood
Week 89The AnvilMongol, Warlord, Surge
Week 90Tazendeer RuinsLinoge, Tsunami, Star Helix
Week 91Skywell-29Ogre, Free Radical, Brainstormer
Week 92Devil’s RazorThe Monarch, Malak’s Bane, Gunerang
Week 93Atlas HQOldridian, The Lob, Monocle
Week 94Jakobs EstateRuby’s Wrath, Horizon, T.K’s Wave
Week 95Tazendeer RuinsRoisen’s Thorns, Tunguska, Sleeping Giant
Week 96Meridian OutskirtsMaggie, Impaler, Scourge
Week 97the SplinterlandsScorpio, Re-Router, Destructo Spinner
Week 98Neon ArterialNight Hawkin, AutoAimè, Hellshock
Week 99Floodmoor BasinMongol, Warlord, Surge
Week 100Tazendeer ruinsStar Helix, Tsunami, Linoge
Week 101Skywell-27Crossroad, Rowan’s Call, Bone Shredder
Week 102Devil’s RazorMind-Killer, Superball, The Tidal Wave / TK Wave
Week 103Atlas HQSickle, Conference Call, The Flood
Week 104The AnvilPlaguebearer, Juliet’s Dazzle, Woodblocker
Week 105Tazendeer Ruins9-Volt, Epicenter, The Companion
Week 106Meridian OutskirtsTankman’s Shield, Predatory Lending, The Butcher
Week 107Cathedral of the Twin GodsThe Monarch, Malak’s Bane, Bangarang
Week 108Atlas HQLaser-Sploder, Mutant, Flakker
Week 109The AnvilThe Dictator, Firestorm, Kaoson
Week 110The Pyre of StarsJericho, Pain is Power, Front Loader
Week 111Meridian OutskirtsRipper, Tiggs’ Boom, Flood

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