Maurice’s Black Market Location Guide – Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Black Market Location Guide
Borderlands 3 Black Market Location Guide

Maurice’s Black Market Vending Machine Explained

Maurice’s Black Market Vending machine sells Top-Tier Legendary Loot. This hidden vending machine was added to the game through a free update that came alongside the release of the Director’s Cut. The Black Market instantly became a highly sought out vending machine in Borderlands 3, however, its location changes on a weekly basis. Gearbox Software will be hiding Maurice’s Black Market each week and will fill it up with a unique top-tier loot pool. The Black Market can appear all over the universe but it won’t appear in any of the DLC maps. So if you just own the base game you can still enjoy this as well.

Where is the Black Market located in Borderlands 3 this week?

The Borderlands 3 Black Market is hidden on the map Atlas HQ on the planet Promethea. Check out the map below for guidance.

Borderlands 3 Black Market Location Map

  • Planet: Promethea
  • Area: Atlas HQ
  • Available: From June 17 to June 24, 2021
Borderlands 3 Black Market Location Map Week 11
Borderlands 3 Black Market Location Map Week 11

Fast travel to the location Atlas HQ on Promethea. When you fast-travel to the map, walk straight ahead, make a right, and then left to leave the first area. The natural progression through the map is to go right. But there is a shortcut so go left and once you reached the end, climb up the wall. There is a small ledge that you can grab and skip like half of the map. This shortcut also places you right in front of the Power Troopers. You can farm them but that’s not why you are here. Continue and go inside the Atlas HQ. Once you entered the building walk into the offices on the right (lower level). That is the spot where Maurice’s Vending Machine is located this week. Check out the Black Market for Top Tier Loot.

What items does the Black Market sell?

Every week Maurice’s Black Market Vending Machine changes location but it also changes its loot pool. Gearbox Software creates a unique loot pool especially for the Black Market that’s worth picking up. They can put anything they want in the vending machine. The Black Market can have multiple versions of a piece of gear. This way you can easily pick up an item that suits your needs without having to go to Crazy Earl to Reroll the anoint.

This week’s Black Market Weapons & Items

You can purchase the black market items with regular money but they can be pretty expensive, so you better stack up on cash. Weapon Parts, Elements, and Anoints will be different each time you visit.

Borderlands 3 Black Market Gone

Did the Black Market Vending Machine disappear and not showing up on the location mentioned above? This means you already claimed it. Gearbox Software implemented a timer to prevent you from farming the vending machine. If you want to farm Maurice’s vending machine you will need to wait 30 minutes before you can access this top-tier loot again.

If you didn’t loot the Black Market and it’s not showing up, make sure you did apply the hotfixes. You can do this in the main menu, before you start loading in your Vault Hunter. In the back, there will be a sign that says “Hotfixes Applied”. When that’s the case, you are good to go.

Gearbox Software will hide the Black Market at a new location every Thursday at 9:00 AM PT. So if the vending machine isn’t at the location above anymore. I’m probably looking for its new location, check back in a bit as I’ll update this guide as soon as possible.

Black Market Archive

Week 1AmbermireBreath of the Dying, Kyb’s Worth, Double-Penetrating Redline
Week 2Ascension BluffKaos, Hex, Lyuda
Week 3Lectra CityFaisor, Bitch, Bangarang
Week 4Tazendeer RuinsTrevonator, Krakatoa, Black Hole
Week 5CarnivoraConference Call, Flood, Sickle
Week 6The AnvilNight Hawkin, AutoAimé, Hellshock
Week 7Skywell-27Laser-Sploder, Mutant, Flakker
Week 8Konrad’s HoldLightshow, Recursion, Nemesis
Week 9The Pyre of StarsCrossbow, Garcia, Plus Ultra
Week 10The DroughtsCutsman, Madcap, King’s Call, Queen’s Call

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