Moze – Mozerker Build – Borderlands 3

Moze - Mozerker Build by Ki11erSix - Borderlands 3


This Moze build is great for mobbing, shooting non-stop, and throw unlimited grenades. Even Iron Bear can even deal damage, however, for this build, it is mainly used as the panic button to get out of dangerous situations. Instead of using a legendary grenade mod, we are going to use a purple tracker grenade. The version in this build has the homing, divider, mirv, and bounce components. This way you throw 2 grenades, that will split into 6 grenades on impact, which each will dive-bomb 3 times into enemies. Now you are dealing constant splash damage and trigger Moze’s skills. The big boom blaster will restore your shield and refill your heavy ammo and grenades. The Kyb’s Worth will create healing circles that you can stand in to restore your health gauge.


Skill Tree Overview

Moze - Mozerker Skill Tree - Borderlands 3

Moze – Mozerker Skill Tree – Borderlands 3

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