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New Anointed Perks in Borderlands 3

New Anointed Perks - Borderlands 3
New Anointed Perks - Borderlands 3

Additional Anoints

With the April 23, 2020 patch, Gearbox Software added new Anoints to the game. These bonus perks add special abilities to your gear that can make a good weapon absolutely BADASS. However, in the big list of anoints, you are probably wondering which of the anoints is the best for you. In this Borderlands 3 guide, I’m going to help you make the right choices. These Anoints are here to stay and won’t disappear when the Revenge of the Cartels Event ends.

New Anointed Perk List

  • Gain 300% increased Weapon Damage against enemies above 90% Health.
    • This is a pretty good Anoint as the 90% Health condition only applies to the base health bar. Therefore, you will always get the 300% damage increase when fighting enemies with an additional shield or armor bar. You can also use this Anoint to “Crit Swap”, so when you have weapons with slow-moving projectiles or Torgue stickies on another weapon. You can switch back to a weapon with this Anoint and still get the bonus. [In-depth Guide]
    • Update: This anointment has been adjusted so that it works as described. All life bars are now calculated for and you will no longer get the bonus for the full duration of the additional life bars. [in-depth guide]
  • While under 50% health, deal 150% bonus radiation damage.
  • While an Action Skill is Active, constantly trigger novas that deal xxx damage
    • Deals 13678 Damage on LVL 57. Fun on a Zane Bully build?
  • While an Action Skill is Active, Weapon Damage is increased by 200%
    • On paper, this Anoint sound really great, however, when you switch weapons you will lose the 200% Damage increase. The other downside of this Anoint is that it’s additive to your gun damage and not multiplicative like the 100% Cryo Sentinal Anoint for Zane. In some cases, the +50% elemental damage Anoint can stack up really good and provide a better damage boost because it’s multiplicative. This Anoint needs a fix, so you won’t lose the bonus when you switch weapons. It also doesn’t work with Moze even when you have Auto Bear active. [Source]
  • While an Action Skill is Active, Grenade Damage is increased by 150%
    • Useful for long-lasting action skills but I rather have the increased damage on grenade throw.
  • While an Action Skill is Active, 250% of health damage taken is returned to the attacker as shock damage.
    • Fun on the Rough Rider Shield?
  • While an Action Skill is Active, Deal 75% more Weapon Damage to Badass, Named, and Boss enemies.
    • A twist on the same Anoint that provides this buff on Action Skill End. Good for Characters with long-lasting action skills.
  • On Action Skill Start, activate any effects that trigger on shield break or fill
    • This Anoint can be really fun on some shields that have great special abilities. For example, the Frozen Heart releases a cryo nova that instantly freezes enemies. The Messy Break Up that lets you spawn additional drones. The Stop-Gap that provides 5 seconds of invulnerability. You do need to wait till the 5 seconds are over before you can trigger this one again. [In-depth Guide]
  • On Action Skill End, create a cyber spike that damages nearby enemies.
    • A slow-moving projectile will be summoned when your action skill ends. The projectile will go through targets and deal constant kinetic damage. You can stack elemental damage to the spike by using other gear that provides elemental damage on action skill end. However, the damage is still going to lackluster. You can not fake-grasp this Anoint and you need to carry the weapon with the Anoint from the start until the end of the action skill to trigger the spike. [In-depth Guide]
  • On Shield break, the next shot deals 100% shield capacity as bonus Amp Damage.
    • The added AMP Damage is not the base Shield Capacity number but there is a formula based on that number and your current weapon damage. It kinda works like the re-router however the AMP damage is applied to every single pallet. The damage increase of this Anoint is additive to your gun damage. The higher your shield capacity and the lower your weapon damage is, the bigger the AMP bonus is. [In-depth Guide]
  • While an Action Skill is Active, reduce all incoming damage by a small amount.
    • When activating your action skill you need to have the weapon with this anoint equipped or else it won’t trigger. When you swap weapons while your action skill is still active you will lose the bonus even when you return to the weapon with the anoint. With this anoint you get 35% damage reduction.
  • On Action Skill End, spawn a healing pool for several seconds.
    • When your action skill ends it will summon a healing pool underneath your feet. Just like the healing pools from the Kyb’s Worth they will stay around for 8 seconds. They do some decent healing but there are better ways to keep your health up. The healing pool heals you with 1427.25 HP per second. That said, Mayhem Mode 2.0 has some modifiers that keep you on the move. Therefore, standing still in a circle isn’t your best option. This Anoint is best used when having short action skill cooldown and not very useful on an endless action skill build for Zane.
  • Element crit hits can cause status effects of that element to explode, creating a nova that deals 500% of the Status effect’s damage.
    • This Anoint was listed for Moze “The Gunner”, however, this Anoint actually works for all Vault Hunters.
  • While Sliding, build up energy that refills a portion of your shield
    • When you reform a slide your shield will receive a 5% refill. You can’t do quick bursts, you need to slide for a good second. Having a snowdrift artifact equipped you are able to gain 3 ticks out of this anoint and regain 15% of your maximum shield capacity back.

Best New Anoint

The best Anoint that Gearbox Software added to the game with this update is the “While under 50% health, deal 150% bonus radiation damage” anointment. It is easy to trigger with the Front loader shield or deathless artifact and provides a big damage boost. Previously the “Gain 300% increased Weapon Damage against enemies above 90% Health.” Anoint was the best you could get. However, it wasn’t working as intended and provided a way bigger boost. Since then GBX corrected their oopsie therefore the anointment now does what it says.

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  1. Your last sentence is false.

    • I heard from K6 that it did work in some cases, however, he’s now saying that’s not the case. So I corrected the line <3

  2. Sorry if it’s a dumb question, but these anointments are tied to the event/time limited, or are they a permanent addition like the ones they added with the first Takedown?

    • The new anoints are here to stay, only the Cartel content will disappear after the event ends


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