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Best Guide To Earn Money in New Tales From The Borderlands

New Tales From The Borderlands Money Guide
New Tales From The Borderlands Money Guide

You want to get money fast in New Tales From The Borderlands so you can quickly obtain all those cool cosmetic items and unlock the “Okay, Vain Much?” Achievement. I will share a couple of tips in this farm guide on how you can easily obtain the in-game currency.

Easy Money

You can loot highlighted items throughout the game, however, these don’t make you instantly rich. There are two cash grabs you can do along your way through the story campaign that gives you a nice buck.

Which Episode?How to get Money?
Episode 1Fran can secure an insurance cheque that will earn you $3500. You will need to let Hank chill and give Reba a tour that includes the backroom.
Episode 3Octavio can accept cash from L0U13 who has earned a bounty reward by shooting the Sink or Swim guard. By taking the money you gain $2500.

Best Money Farm in Tales From The Borderlands

The best place to get a lot of money in New Tales From The Borderlands is in Susan Coldwell’s office. Because there are 10 Tediore chests that give you a lot of cash.

If you want to purchase every cosmetic in the game the total cost will tally up to $114.250. That’s a lot of bucks to get. This means that if you are using Susan Coldwell’s Office to farm money you will need to do 9 runs.

114.250 : 13.244 = 8,6 runs

If each run takes you 15 minutes to complete, you are looking at a 135-minute farm.

How to Quickly Get Money in New Tales From The Borderlands

  1. Load Episode 5, Chapter 5

    You hop into any story chapter though the Episode section in the main menu.NTFTB Episode 5 Chapter Overview

  2. Go to Susan Coldwell’s Office

    This takes about 10min

  3. Loot all the chests

    There are 10 chests in Susan Coldwell’s office that are good for $13.244

  4. Save Game

    You need to trigger an auto-save in order to secure your newly earned money. You can do this by forwarding the story.

Alternative Farm Location

You can also go to Paco’s Tacos in Episode 1 – chapter 3, however, you also need 10 min to get to this farm location and you get less money. There are 8 lootable items that are good for $6281. This means you will need to do double the number of runs to get all the money.

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