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Quick Leveling Guide for Oscar Mike vs The Battleschool – Battleborn

There is a way to trick the game into quickly leveling your character up in the story operation, Oscar Mike versus the Battle School, by exploiting a game mechanic. During Battleborn story missions, you have a chance to get free helix upgrade orbs. You have a small chance of getting a few of these in the smaller loot boxes but have a guaranteed chance of spawning in big 6-slot loot chests.

If you are able to complete the side quests in this Story DLC you will be rewarded with treasure rooms. When you reach the second round and complete the bonus objectives you will be rewarded with 2 treasure rooms. Both rooms will each contain a few big 6-slot loot chests.

This is the moment the little exploit comes into place, if you open up these chests you will be around level 5. If you run this story Operation for 100 OPS Points you will be rewarded with 5 big loot chests. Open all of these chests up in both rooms, but don’t take the loot upon opening.

Just open them all at first, because you are level 5 each chest will spawn a free helix upgrade. This would not be the case if you had picked them up right away, because once you reach level 8 the free helix upgrades stop spawning in these chests. So if you do this right you are able to start round 3 of Oscar Mike versus the Battle School at the max rank (10).

How to get LVL 10 in Oscar Mike vs the Battleschool?

  1. Play Oscar Mike versus the Battle School

  2. Complete all side objectives

  3. After round 2, open up all chests first, but start looting after all loot boxes are opened.

  4. DING DING DING! Free Helix Upgrades

  5. LEVEL 10

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