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Redfall: Blackwood House Key Location Guide

Redfall Blackwood House Guide
Redfall Blackwood House Guide

The Blackwood House is one of the locations in the Redfall Burial Point Map. This is the second map in the game. The house can be found in the Founder’s Knoll neighborhood, which is one of the first areas upon entering this region.

You will stumble upon 4 locked doors when you inspect the house from the inside. Each door requires a unique key, however, unlike other missing keys they are not located in the house but are hidden somewhere else in the map.

There are some general clues hidden in the house, however, in this Redfall guide, I will tell you how to solve the Blackwood House mysteries and unlock all the rooms. When you successfully obtained all the hidden keys you will be rewarded with a Legendary Blood Remanent and unlock the Sisterhood Achievement.

Where to find the Blackwood House Keys?

Screenshot of the map that's inside Blackwood House.
Redfall Blackwood House Map

There is a map of Redfall Burial Point in the living room of the Backwood House. There are photos and markings on the map that suggest the locations of the hidden keys.

Redfall: Hester’s Room Key Location

Hester’s room key is located in the Garden overlooking Twintree. Follow the main road to the south of the Blackwood House. After 108 meters you will find a dirt path on the right-hand side. Follow this path up the hill and there you will find the Hester’s Room key on the table inside the gazebo.

Watch out this gazebo is guarded by Vampires!

Redfall: Katherine’s Room Key Location

Katherine’s room key is located in the cave at the edge of Direcliff. Make your way to the Direcliff Safehouse. From there, you jump into the dried-up river and head towards the Bladewell Campgrounds. When you make it to the dam, you can climb up the wall on the left side of the dam. Once you are on top you can cross the bridge/dam. On the other end, you take the first path to the right and stay on the edge of the cliff. Keep following this cliffside until you stumble upon multiple dead people. There is the entrance to the cave that hold the key.

Redfall: Agnes’ Room Key Location

Agnes’ room key is located at the top of Haven’s Lot Switchback. Make your way to the opposite side of the map into the Haven’s Lot neighborhood. There is a historical marker near New Light Village, make sure to secure this fast-travel location as there is a challenging fight up ahead. Because the cave is guarded by an Angler, and inside you will also fight another Angler with some cultists. The key is placed on a pedestal where you first see the cultist standing together.

Redfall: Blackwood Basement Key Location

Once you collected all 3 Blackwood House Keys and opened up Hester’s room, Katherine’s room, and Agnes’ room, you will find the Basement Key in the final room. It doesn’t matter in which order you open the doors, the key is always in the final room.

Redfall: Blackwood House Reward

Redfall Blackwood House Guide - Basement Remnant

You will find a little blue glowing chest in the basement that contains a legendary Blood Remnant. This is the Blackwood Family Portrait. Its legendary effect is that it will generate 20% of your Psychic Residue whenever you consume a Medical Supply. The other two passive buffs are always random.

You will also unlock the Sisterhood Achievement when you collect the Legendary Blood Remnant.

Blackwood Family House Skip

You can actually skip this whole treasure hunt and collect the reward if you are playing the best character in Redfall. Because when you are playing as Devinder you can actually enter each of the rooms without obtaining the keys for every corner of the map.

You can simply throw your Translocate device through a broken window and get inside each of the locked rooms. Trying to complete the mission this way won’t break the progress.

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