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Redfall Endgame – What to Do After Beating the Game

Redfall End Game
Redfall End Game Guide

Congratulations, you have beaten the main story campaign and you have defeated the Vampire Gods in Redfall but now what? In this Redfall Guide, I’m going to tell you what you can do after beating the game because even when you wrapped up the story there is still a lot to do in the game. Let me tell you about the Redfall End Game content.

9 Things To Do After You Beat Redfall

1. Level Up

You haven’t reached the max level cap with your character once you completed the main story campaign. You can continue to earn experience points to level up and build out your skill tree.

2. Complete Side Quests

There are a ton of side-quests to discover and complete in Redfall. Talk with NPCs and do some exploration of the environments and help the community of Redfall.

3. Historical Markers

Redfall Historic Map

There are a bunch of historical markers throughout Redfall. You can investigate all these areas and add them to your Fast Travel Locations.

4. Safe Houses

There are multiple Safe Houses scattered throughout the two districts of Redfall. You can liberate all of them by activating their generator and defeating the neighborhood Vampire.

5. Nests

Redfall Screenshot of a Vampire Nest Heart

Nests are realms where the vampires shared a psychic connection. They can be accessed through an ominous door that acts as a gateway between the real world and their world. Nests are replayable areas that are fairly procedural generated. Every time you enter a Nest it will have different modifiers to challenge you on your hunt.

You need to go in, clear out the heart, and loot the place before the psychic realm collapses. You can find the most powerful Remnants for your character in Nests.

6. Hunt Legendary Weapons

There are legendary weapons in Redfall that you can collect. These unrivaled items are some of the best weapons in the game. Each hero has a unique legendary weapon.

7. Collect Gravelock

There are 100 grave locks hidden throughout Redfall that you can obtain. These collectibles tell come with audio logs that tell a backstory over the course of these 100 Grave Locks. If you really want a challenge or the full Redfall experience, then you can go out there and find all these blue glowing locks of hair.

8. New Hero

Redfall has 4 playable characters and 2 more DLC heroes on the way. You can restart the game and play the story with a different character that has a different skill set. This doesn’t just give you a new gameplay experience but each character has their own narration on the events and locations.

9. Earn Every Achievement/Trophy

There are 66 Achievements that you can earn in Redfall. Some of these you will unlock by simply playing through the main story campaign, however, there are challenges that require you to complete specific tasks.

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