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Redfall: Fast Leveling Guide

Guide on how to quickly level up in Redfall
How to quickly level up in Redfall

You quickly want to reach the max level with your hero in Redfall because you want to create an awesome character build. You will need to gain a lot of experience points in order to achieve this. In this guide, I’m going to tell you how you can quickly level up your character because you want XP fast.

How to quickly level up in Redfall

1. Complete Main Story Missions

Redfall really rewards you for completing missions. Especially when you are just starting out you want to get those first bunch of missions done so you can unlock your abilities. Main Story Quests are the way to go as they provide a good amount of XP and unlock Remnants.

  • The Dr. Hunt Missions are easy and quick missions that provide 800XP
  • The big Main Missions will reward you with 1400XP but these take time.

2. Libirate Safe Houses

Safe Houses not only provide you with fast travel points that enable you to quickly travel across the map but they also provide you with side missions. These side missions are another good way to get XP and they are not as time-consuming as the main story missions.

  • Safehouse missions reward you with 1000XP
  • Defeating neighborhood underbosses rewards you with 1500XP

3. Succesfully Complete Nests

You will unlock Nests as you start the main mission; “A Voice in the Dark”. These Psychic Realms not only offer a challenge but also great rewards. Nests contain some of the best loot but also provide you with a big chunk of XP, however, this XP Bonus is only rewarded if you successfully manage to escape the Nest after you destroyed the heart.

Nests are fairly fast to complete and give a whopping 1000 XP while certain missions only provide 800 XP. So establish your fast travel points to quickly jump from one nest into the other. Ping the Nest icon on the map, that way you can easily find the Nest Door.

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