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Redfall Has Two Points of No Return

Redfall Progression Warning

Redfall is an open-world shooter that lets you explore the town of Redfall and rescue the survivors from the Vampire apocalypse. However, the open world of this game is divided into two districts and they both have a point of no return. This means that once you completed the final main story mission in that area, you won’t be able to return.

District 1: Redfall Commons

Redfall Commons is the starting map of the game. In this area, you will make your way to the fire station and unravel the origin of the Hollow Man. However, once you defeated this vampire god you will move on to the next map, Burial Point.

This means that you won’t be able to complete any of the other side missions, Safe houses, or collect all the grave locks in this area.

So know what you are doing before you complete the main mission: The Hollow Man.

District 2: Burial Point

The Burial Point map is the second area in Redfall where you will fight against the remaining Vampire Gods. But as you are trying to claim this district for yourself, you need to be careful when confronting the final Vampire God because after that there is once again a point of no return.

Once you defeated The Black Sun you won’t be able to go back to the Burial Point Map because the story progression will be reset and you will find yourself in the Redfall Commons area again. While this acts like a “new game+” where you keep your character progression it does lock you out of the second area.

New Game+ Progress Blocker

If you are going to play New Game+, your story progress is reset but you keep all your gear. This doesn’t seem like a problem, however, one of the first objectives that you have is to pick up a gun in order to progress. Once again, this doesn’t seem like a problem, however, if your inventory is full and you can sell any weapons yet – as this is locked at the start of the game – you can progress.

So before you wrap up your first playthrough, make sure you have some inventory space or else you will lock yourself from a second playthrough.

My Opinion

I do hope that Arkane Studios patches this and lets you freely explore the entire open world of Redfall.

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