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Every Hero Ability in Redfall Explained

Redfall Hero Abilities
Redfall Hero Abilities

One of the first things you are going to do when playing Redfall is choose one of the playable heroes. They all have their own unique abilities that determine their playstyle. However, choosing which character to play depends on your personal preference. For example; what is your playstyle or what abilities do you like to use?

In this Redfall Guide, I’m going to give you a complete overview of each of the main heroes and their special abilities so you know which one is right for you!

You can activate multiple abilities alongside each other and each of them can be upgraded in the character’s skill tree. There you can enhance their effectiveness or extend their duration but also augment them with new features.


Redfall Character - Devinder Crousley

Devinder is a cryptozoologist and aspiring inventor and he’s on a mission to prove himself. Dev is armed with weapons of his own creation and you can see that in his three action skills. These abilities give him great crowd-control abilities and ways to deal AoE damage.

Arc Javelin

Dev will throw a javelin in an arc that will attach to surfaces. After it’s charged it will emit chain lightning. This is a great skill for dealing damage to multiple enemies within its range.


Blacklight Ability Icon

Dev will place a UV emitter in front of him that will petrify enemies within its path. This is a great skill for crowd control as stunning them for a short duration allows you to get the upper hand in an encounter.


Translocate Ability Icon

Dev throws one of his homemade devices in an arc. You are translocated to the location of the device. This offers you the ability to quickly move around by teleporting to a specific location. A great skill to get to an advantage point or back up that friend that went rogue.


Redfall Character - Jacob Boyer

Jacob is an ex-military sharpshooter turned private contractor, however, due to the strange happenings that happened in Redfall have left him with a mysterious vampiric eye and a spectral raven. Jacob has three action skills that give him a great advantage on the battlefield. He can be tactical and push (the team) forward.


Cloak Ability Icon

Jacob can activate his cloaking device making him invisible to the enemies. You can use this brief moment to sneak past enemies and get to an advantage point. You even have a limited number of shots before your cloak breaks.


Heartstopper Ability icon

Jacob summons a psychic sniper rifle that allows you to quickly lock on to your targets and fire lethal shots. This is a great skill to swiftly take out multiple guards.


Raven Ability icon

Jacob can send out his psychic bird companion that can tag enemies. Enemies will be highlighted by a red outline, giving you intel on their whereabouts. Knowledge = Power!


Redfall Character - Layla Ellison

Layla is a biomedical engineering student who volunteered for a medical trial where something went very wrong. This event left her with intense telekinetic abilities that are reflected in her three action skills that give her great mobility abilities.


Lift Ability Icon

Layla can summon a Telekinetic Elevator. This jump pad allows you to quickly gain access to rooftops. This can give you an advantage point or a different entry point into buildings.


Umbrella Ability Icon

Layla can summon a Telekinetic Umbrella in front of her. This Telekinetic Ability will shield you and your team from incoming projectiles. This gives you the advantage to push through enemy encounters. The Umbrella can also be launched forward as a Telekinetic Blast damaging enemies in its path.

Vampire Ex-Boyfriend

Vampire Ex-Boyfriend Ability icon

Placeholder: Unconfirmed but the icon suggests you can alter someone’s alliance. Turning an enemy into an ally?


Redfall Character - Remi de la Rosa

Remi is a brilliant combat engineer who has spent her life on the frontlines and is determined to help rescue Redfall’s survivors. With the help of her robot companion, Bribón, she has a diverse set of abilities and would make for an excellent support class.

C4 Charge

C4 Charge Ability icon

Remi can throw a C4 Charge in an arc. This explosive device sticks to surfaces and creates a big explosion that damages all nearby enemies. A great skill to clear rooms or take out multiple opponents.


Siren Ability Icon

Remi instructs her little robot companion, Bribón, to distract enemies. When you pinpoint a target location, Bribón to the designated location and create loud noises to draw the enemy’s attention to it. This gives you the element of surprise leading into a conflict.


Mobilize Ability Icon

Remi can establish a control point. Everyone in its range will be healed or revived.

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