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Redfall: Simon’s Survival Guide Locations

Redfall Simon Survival Guide Locations Guide
Redfall Simon Survival Guide Locations Guide

You can find Survival Guides by Simon throughout Redfall and these collectibles provide a good amount of Support Currency, however, Simon’s Survival Guides are hidden very well. In this Redfall Guide, I’m going to tell you where you can find these hidden collectibles so you can spend all that hard-earned money on Perks from the Safe House Skill Tree.

What are these Simon’s Survival Guides in Redfall?

Redfall Simon Guide Introduction
Redfall Simon Guide Introduction

You get introduced to Simon’s Survival Guides in Redfall when you unlock your first Safe House. Inside, each of these outposts is a letter that tells you about them, and collecting them will be rewarded. There are a total of 13 Survival Guides hidden in Redfall, you can find 1 in each Neighborhood.

Simon’s Survival Guide Locations

These Survival Guides are hidden pretty well in Redfall, however, they will be highlighted in your HUD once you get close to them but you need to be really close before the icon displays. The range of the highlight icons is 20 meters and this is a standard ability. You don’t need to upgrade the Cosmetic or Grave Lock highlight perk for this to happen.

Simon’s Survival Guide Locations in Redfall Commons

There are a total of 5 Survival Guides hidden in Redfall Commons, you can find 1 in each Neighborhood. Obtaining all of them will result in 37.500 Support Currency.

Simon’s GuideNeighborhoodReward
TV PartyBasswood$7,500
Moving OnHeritage Rock$7,500
InvadersOld Town$7,500
Seeing RedSedgewick$7,500
Sun’s Out, Guns OutShadetree Heights$7,500


Simon’s Guide: TV Party

Hint: “Simon always said a pawn shop’s a good place to loot at a time like this.”

Location Guide: You can find Simon’s TV Party Guide on the roof of the General Store (Yes that’s the name on the sign of the building). This store is located next to the Pawn Shop, across from the gas station. There is a ladder in the back alley so you can jump from one rooftop to the other.

Heritage Rock

Simon’s Guide: Moving On

Hint: “Simon used to joke about hiding a safehouse in a shipping container.”

Location Guide: There is a Mysterious Container in the Heritage Bay boundary. The container door is locked by 3 barricades. You need to find and pull the levers in 3 nearby containers in order to open up the door in the Mysterious Container. Follow the power cables to the levers. Some creative jumping is required.

Old Town

Simon’s Guide: Invaders

Hint: “Simon might stay close to the private docks, in case the water comes back.”

Location Guide: There is a small gatehouse southeast from the Yacht Club. If you follow the road from the Langston’s Overlook Historical Marker to the south, you will find it on your left. If you walked passed the cargo truck, you have gone too far.

Gatehouse of Yacht Club north of Old Town. (Confirmed)

Simon’s Guide: Invaders ($7,500)


Simon’s Guide: Seeing Red

Hint: “Simon loved the way the steeple of Redfall United looked from the west.”

Location Guide: There are 3 houses to the west of Redfall United Church of Christ. You can find Simon’s Guide in the shed of the middle house. It’s the House with the roundabout on the map, that has an ambulance on it.

In 2 houses west of the steeple in a shed. (Confirmed)

Simon’s Guide: Seeing Red ($7,500)

Shadetree Heights

Simon’s Guide: Sun’s Out, Guns Out

Hint: “One of those fancy houses has a motorcycle Simon always joked about stealing…”

Location Guide: You can find Simon’s ‘Sun’s Out, Guns Out’ Guide at the border of Shadetree Heights and Sedgewick. It’s in the garage of the house with the Red pickup truck that’s moving out.

Simon’s Survival Guide Locations in Redfall Burial Point

There are a total of 8 Survival Guides hidden in Redfall Commons, you can find 1 in each Neighborhood. Obtaining all of them will result in 60.000 Support Currency.

Simon’s GuideNeighborhoodReward
Fresh MeatDirecliff$7,500
Welcome to the NeighborhoodFounder’s Knoll$7,500
Football Season is OverChickering$7,500
The Mall Ninjas and their ToysWinslow Fields$7,500
Dance with the DevilAshumet Springs$7,500
Room With a ViewHowl’s Neck$7,500
Special Little BoysHaven’s Lot$7,500
Moths to a FlameBrighton Bay$7,500


Simon’s Guide: Fresh Meat

Hint: “Simon bragged about knowing a secret back way into the Bladewell Campgrounds.”

Location Guide: You can find Simon’s “Fresh Meat” Guide on a boat between the Devil Mother’s Range historical marker and the seawall.

Founder’s Knoll

Simon’s Guide: Welcome to the Neighborhood

Hint: “Simon’s cousin is a space photographer. Has a house near that abandoned farm”

Location Guide: You can find Simon’s “Welcome to the Neighborhood” Guide on the coffee table inside the house next to the Blackwood House.

In a container with 3 switches around it.


Simon’s Guide: Football Season is Over

Hint: “Simon had some old friends at White Pines trailer park”

Location Guide: Inside a horse trailer in the White Pines trailer park. The trailer is located in the back almost against the rock mountain.

Winslow Fields

Simon’s Guide: The Mall Ninjas and their Toys

Hint: “Simon might’ve gone to check on his buddy, Matt Bollinger.”

Location Guide: There is a small white shed next to the dried up lake near the Bollinger residence.

Ashumet Springs

Simon’s Guide: Dance with the Devil

Hint: “Simon always wanted a house with a swimming pool…”

Location Guide: There is a house with a swimming pool West of Tomalley’s Malfunction Historical Marker. The guide is on the table next to the tent.

Howl’s Neck

Simon’s Guide: Room With a View

Hint: “Simon always said: camp near a high vantage, but not on it. Too obvious.”

Location Guide: There is a small camp just West of Three Hands Lookout.

Haven’s Lot

Simon’s Guide: Special Little Boys

Hint: “Simon said, worse case, he’d go up to New Light Village and ask the ghosts for help.”

Location Guide: Cross the bridge from the New Light Village Historical Marker. It’s the first house to your right after crossing the bridge.

Brighton Bay

Simon’s Guide: Moths to a Flame

Hint: “Simon wouldn’t be caught dead in the shopping district, but he did like the docks…”

Location Guide: There is a garage next to the Keeper’s House. Walk towards the Bridge if you are coming from the Wavebreaker Historical Marker.

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