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Redfall Survival Guide

Redfall Survival Guide
Redfall Survival Guide

Redfall is under attack by a vampire apocalypse. Use these tips and tactics to your advantage to ensure the bloodshed is on the other team.


  • Small Warning: There are 2 points of no return in Redfall. If you accept the mission to go to the other map, you will instantly go there and cannot return until you defeated the final boss of the game because then you are locked out of the second map and enter “New Game+

General Tips

  • Take your time to investigate the town as Arkane Studios uses a lot of environmental storytelling. Things will be hidden in plain sight and just fit in with the natural environment but that blood trail on the floor doesn’t just mean someone got slaughtered, where did their body go because a bunch of them actually had a good weapon on them before they died.
  • Loot the world as it is immediately transferred into money. Bags of toilet paper are really valuable and you can instantly salvage gear that you don’t deem worthy to carry around.
  • Restock ammo at a safe house from time to time. You can find ammo in the world but your favorite weapon will run out sooner or later.
  • Keep Lockpicks and Rewire Kits full as you will find a lot of good looting areas that require them to get in.
  • Quickly establish safe houses and secure historical markers to create fast travel and respawn locations.
  • Don’t waste your lockpicks on every locked door, there are often other ways to get inside a building.
  • Grave Locks are a special collectible and they make a mystical sound when you are close.
  • The Rook will always drop a legendary item when he is defeated.
  • The “Lost and Found” vendor can contain legendary items.
  • The key to a specific door is often hidden within the immediate vicinity, however, there are a few objectives that have the key hidden in another area of the map. Sometimes there is a note that hints at the location.

Combat Tips

  • Always keep 1 weapon of each weapon type in your inventory in case you run out of ammo on one type.
  • Flares can be used to distract enemies as they can lure them to that spot.
  • Flares can dissolve vampires without needing to stake them.
  • Always keep a UV weapon in your inventory as you need them to clear the red mist.
  • Aim down sights with your UV weapon to create a focused beam. That way you are much quicker at achieving your goal.
  • Higher Ratity weapons can outperform a higher-level weapon. So check those stats before moving on.
  • Higher rarity weapons have different passive buffs, compare similar weapons against each other for the best additional weapon traits.
  • Keep at least 1 weapon with a stake on it equipped as you will need to slay vampires with it.
  • Save your Stake Launcher for the special vampires. Yes, they can one-shot regular vampires but the ammunition for these types of weapons is low.
  • Use the environmental hazards to your advantage, there are plenty of explosives or electrical outlets that you can shoot to defeat nearby enemies.

Vampire Nests

  • The blue zones around Nests make the vampires within it stronger. These circles will grow over time.
  • Ping the Nest icon on the map to get a direct marker on the nest location.
  • Destroying the heart will also clear the Nest from any Vampires.
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