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How to select your Character in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 - Starting a New Character
Borderlands 3 - Starting a New Character

How to Start a New Character?

When you start up Borderlands 3 you will be presented with the main menu. Here you can choose to start a new character. You get to choose between 4 playable characters. Amara, FL4K, Moze, and Zane. Playing different characters can be done on the same profile. When you select Continue, you’ll resume with the last played character. When you select “New Game”, you can pick a starting point as the game gives you the ability to jump into the game from the very start. However, you can choose to skip tutorial land and begin the game at LVL 13 as you reached Sanctuary III.

Switching Characters in Borderlands 3

When you are finished playing a certain Vault Hunter you can switch over to another character. You need to go to the main menu and select Load Character. Here you can also start a new character or load one of the other characters you have saved.

Does starting a new game in Borderlands 3 erase the old one?

Nope, starting up a new game will let you choose a new playable character. This won’t affect your previous characters as the progress is stored in a separate save file. So you don’t have to worry about losing your progress. You are able to hop between characters by going back to the title screen. There you can choose which character to play.

Can you play as the same character in Borderlands 3?

Yes, the game doesn’t force you to play a different character. You can have multiple save files with the Vault Hunter. Also, when you are playing online or offline co-op you and your friends can play as the same character.

You can use multiple save files as mules to store all that sweet loot. Simply transfer the items from one character to another.

Can you swap weapons between characters Borderlands 3?

You can transfer your loot between characters in Borderlands 3. Once you reached Sanctuary III, you have your own room. There you will find a vault, this is your bank space. Since the bank space is shared between all your characters you can easily put swap loot between your characters. This is a very useful feature if you find awesome class mods or gear with an anoint that’s better suited for a different Vault Hunter. Keep in mind that the bank space is limited. So you have to make choices on which item is worth storing and which one you sell off.

Which Vault Hunter to Play?

Borderlands 3 has 4 playable characters each one with their own unique skills and abilities. You can check out their character profiles for in-depth information about each Vault Hunter. If you need help choosing your first Vault Hunter, then check out my Borderlands 3 Beginners Guide or my guide on the Best Solo Vault Hunter. I also have a guide that tells you how each of the skill trees works.


Amara can choose 1 of these 3 action skills. Each of them has a short cooldown.

  • Phasecast – Shoots a strong projectile in a straight line forward. Good for mid-range combat but your aim is crucial
  • Phasegrasp – Locks enemies in place and prevents them from attacking for a brief moment. Good for gaining control during combat.
  • Phaseslam – This jump attack slams your enemies to a pulp. Good for fast close up combat.


FL4K can choose 1 action skill and 1 pet. Your pet will be by your side at all times and has its own health bar. More pets can be unlocked in FL4K’s skill tree. Your action skills have a cooldown time.


    • Rakk Attack! – Send out 2 Rakk (bird-like creature) to dive-bomb into an enemy. Good for mid-range combat, your aim doesn’t need to be on point.
    • Gamma Burst – Teleport your pet and supercharge it with radiation which also infects enemies with radiation damage. Good for mid-range combat.
    • Fade Away – Become invisible and get 3 free shots that deal critical damage. Good for close-range combat (Jakobs shotgun).
  • PETS

    • Spiderant – This spider will give you constant health regeneration, great if you need that extra bit of survivability.
    • Skag – This puppy will boost your weapon damage, great for taking enemies down just a bit faster.
    • Jabber – This monkey allows you to move faster, great for dodging enemies.


Moze has 1 action skill called Iron Bear, however, you can equip this mech with various weapons. More weapons can be unlocked in Moze’s skill tree.

  • V-35 Grenade Launcher – Lob grenades dealing splash damage, great for mobs.
  • Railgun – Fire high impact laser shots. Low fire rate, high damage, great for taking out enemy shields.
  • Minigun – High fire rate, beware it doesn’t overheat.


Zane is the only Vault Hunter that can equip 2 action skills at once, however, you sacrifice your grenade in order to equip the second action skill. Your grenade mod can be used in Zane’s Skill Tree.

  • Barrier – Place a shield to protect yourself from enemy fire. Shooting through the shield gives your shots a damage boost. Did you know, you can also pick up and carry the barrier. While this action skill is mostly seen as a defensive item, there are a lot of high damage builds that actually utilize the barrier.
  • SNTNL – Sends out a flying drone that attacks nearby enemies. You can command the drone to attack specific targets. Enemies get an icon above their head. This also helps you spot enemies that are hidden or blend in with the environment.
  • Digi-Clone – This places a holographic decoy of yourself on the battlefield which can shoot and damage enemies. However, it cannot move but you can reposition it by swapping places with it. You teleport to its place and it will deploy on your previous location. Great asset to draw in enemy aggro.
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