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Should You Play Cooperation or Coopetition in Borderlands 3?

Borderlands 3 - Cooperation vs Coopetition
Borderlands 3 - Cooperation vs Coopetition

You get to choose between Cooperation and Coopetition when you start up Borderlands 3. However, this option confuses a lot of players as the difference isn’t immediately clear.

These two options determine how the loot is shared during your play session. Each mode has its own advantages and disadvantages and I’m going to break it all down for you here.

Cooperation vs Coopetition


Loot: All the loot that you will find in the game will be instanced. This means that everyone gets their own loot drops and your teammates cannot steal them. Ninjalooting is a thing of the past. That said, you can still pick up an item and then drop it on the ground in order for your friends to retrieve it.

Level Scaling: You can also play with anyone of any level at any time because all the enemies will scale to each individual player. So if you are LVL10 for example, all the enemies will be LVL10 for you, however, if your friend is LVL 25, then all the enemies will be LVL 25 for them.

Lost Loot: You can use the “Lost Loot Machine” in this mode. This device collects high-quality loot that you didn’t pick up for some reason, just to be safe. In previous Borderlands games, the loot would occasionally fall off the map and you would miss out on a Legendary Item.

  • Your Game, Your Loot
  • Enemies Scale for Each Player
  • Good for playing with your loved ones


Loot: The items that drop during your play session are shared amongst all players. This means that your co-op buddy can snatch all the best items without you even knowing they were there. A.k.a. finder’s keepers.

Level Scaling: The game will scale to the level of the host in this mode. This means that if you are playing with a group of friends, the enemies and loot will match the level of the host. This means that if you are playing a lower-level character, all the enemies will be difficult to defeat but if you have a higher-level character all the enemies will be weak and so is the loot.

Lost Loot: The “Lost Loot Machine” is not available in this mode.

  • Challenge your friends
  • Quickly Power Level (your friends)
  • No Lost Loot Machine
Can You Switch Between Coopetition and Cooperation Later On?

Yes, head to the main menu and press Y/Triangle to access the multiplayer options menu (click the settings icon on PC). From here you can switch between Coopetition and Cooperation, though note that you cannot do so in-game.

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