Storage Deck Upgrades – Borderlands 3

Purchase Storage Deck Upgrades from Marcus in Borderlands 3
Purchase Storage Deck Upgrades from Marcus in Borderlands 3

Marcus Munitions

Marcus Munitions has expanded its business with storage deck upgrades (SDU). In previous games, these could be purchased at crazy Earl’s black market. Earl only accepts Eridium for his services. Marcus, on the other hand, accepts regular cash money. And you know it, “No Refunds!”

What are storage deck upgrades?

With storage deck upgrades you can expand your inventory space. There are a variety of upgrades you can pick up. You can purchase the same type of storage deck upgrade a couple of times. You got upgrades for your different types of ammo, your grenades, backpack space, bank space, and for the ‘Lost and Found’ machine.

SDU Items

  • Pistol SDU (adds 100 ammo)
  • Shotgun SDU (adds 20 ammo)
  • Sniper SDU (adds 12 ammo)
  • Assault Rifle SDU (adds 140 ammo)
  • Rocket Launcher SDU
  • Grenades SDU
  • Backpack SDU (adds 3 slots)
  • Bank SDU (adds 2 slots)
  • Lost & Found SDU
Marcus Munitions SDU Store in Borderlands 3

Marcus Munitions SDU Store in Borderlands 3

Notice in the Sanctuary 3 presentation that there are 2 slots in Marcus’ store that don’t contain any storage deck upgrades. I’m going to speculate here and these could potentially open up further down the line as you progress through the story.  We have spotted some Eridian looking weapon in the E3  2019 Trailer. If these weapons use a different ammo type then we probably going to need some additional inventory space.

Where can I buy storage deck upgrades?

You can purchase storage deck upgrades from the Marcus Munitions store. Marcus is located on Sanctuary III. You can find his store on the upper level across from Moxxi’s bar.

How much inventory space do I have?

One of the big question for Borderlands 3 is how much stuff can you carry with you. In the gameplay reveal presentation, you get to see some of the storage deck upgrades at Marcus Munitions. If you compare this with Borderlands 2 then it looks like we will be able to carry more ammunition. However, the backpack space is less than before. Don’t freak out at this moment. During an interview with Gearbox Software senior producer Anothony  Nicholson we got the info that the final backpack space is not set in stone yet as they are still working on the game. He did point out that you can hang guns up on the wall of Sanctuary 3.

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