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Storage Deck Upgrades – Borderlands 3

Purchase Storage Deck Upgrades from Marcus in Borderlands 3
Purchase Storage Deck Upgrades from Marcus in Borderlands 3

Marcus Munitions

Marcus Munitions has expanded its business with storage deck upgrades (SDU). In previous games, these could be purchased at crazy Earl’s black market. Earl only accepts Eridium for his services. Marcus, on the other hand, accepts regular cash money. And you know it, “No Refunds!”

What are storage deck upgrades?

With storage deck upgrades you can expand your inventory space. There are a variety of upgrades you can pick up. You can purchase the same type of storage deck upgrade a couple of times. You got upgrades for your different types of ammo, your grenades, backpack space, bank space, and for the ‘Lost and Found’ machine.

SDU Items

  • Pistol SDU adds 100 ammo.
  • Shotgun SDU adds 20 ammo.
  • SMG SDU adds 180 ammo.
  • Sniper SDU adds 12 ammo.
  • Assault Rifle SDU adds 140 ammo.
  • Rocket Launcher SDU adds 3 ammo.
  • Grenades SDU adds 1 grenade.
  • Backpack SDU adds 3 slots.
  • Bank SDU adds 5 slots.
  • Lost & Found SDU adds 1 item.
Marcus Munitions SDU Store in Borderlands 3

Marcus Munitions SDU Store in Borderlands 3

How Much do SDU’s Cost?

  • $1.000
  • $3.000
  • $9.000
  • $27.000
  • $81.000
  • $243.000
  • $729.000
  • $2.187.000
  • $3.280.500
  • $4.374.000

Where can I buy storage deck upgrades?

You can purchase storage deck upgrades from the Marcus Munitions store. Marcus is located on Sanctuary III. You can find his store on the upper level across from Moxxi’s bar.

How much inventory space do I have?

One of the big questions for Borderlands 3 is how much stuff can you carry with you. Well, I can tell you that you will start off the game with more backpack space and you will end with more space than previous games.

  • Pre-Patch Storage Space
    • Max Backpack Size = 40
    • Max Bank Space = 50
    • Max lost and found storage = 13

Patch 4 Update – Nov 21, 2019

All characters now begin the game with 20 bank slots instead of 10. The existing Bank SDUs will give everyone a total of 100 available spaces. An additional 10 Bank SDUs are available to purchase in Marcus’s shop on Sanctuary III using the in-game cash currency, each awarding 20 spaces, for a grand total of 300 total bank spaces!

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