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Get More Crystals in the Chaos Chamber – Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

How to get more rewards in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands' Chaos Chamber
How to get more Crystals in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands' Chaos Chamber

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands End Game is all about collecting crystals in the Chaos Chamber. This rare rainbow currency can only be obtained and spent in the Chaos Chamber and doesn’t carry over to subsequential runs. You want to maximize the number of crystals you get because at the end of your Chaos Chamber run, you are able to spend them on the Rabbit Shrines. Each Rabbit represents a type of reward as is indicated above their head. When spending 500 Crystals you have a good chance on a legendary item. However, how do you get more rainbow crystals during your Chaos Chamber run? Well, in this guide, I’m gonna tell you all about it.

Defeat Strong Enemies

All the enemies you encounter during your Chaos Chamber run have a chance of dropping Rainbow Crystals, however, stronger enemies have a higher chance of dropping crystals and usually also drop more of them. You want to prioritize Elite and Badass enemies.

Destroy the Purple Crystal

Destroy these crystals to summon a badass
Badass Crystal Hidden in the Chaos Chambers

In each encounter, you can find at least one floating purple crystal. Destroying this crystal and you will spawn a badass enemy. While this random badass is very strong it also drops a lot of rainbow crystals when you defeat it. This is a great way to get some early crystals during your first chamber.

Crystal Die Portal

At the end of an encounter, 2 portals will summon. While the options are always random there is a good chance of it being a Crystal Die Portal. You recognize it by the Crystal Chest icon. If you choose this portal a big loot die wait for you at the end of the next encounter giving you extra rainbow crystals.

Summon an Elite Encounter

Before entering a portal to the next encounter you can pay crystals to turn the next round into an Elite Encounter. When you do this, more Elite and Badass enemies will spawn. While stronger enemies have a higher chance of dropping rainbow crystals, if you always keep summoning an Elite Encounter you might make your experience more intense, you don’t always get more out of it as the price will on doing so will keep doubling and you end up paying 400 crystals to eventually only get 500 in return. Summoning Elite Encounters will really pay off then you started adding curses to your run.

Add Curses

The Dragon Lord offers two random curses
Choose one of two random curses

At the end of the first encounter, the Dragon Lord will offer you 2 random curses. A more challenging curse will increase the value of each Rainbow Crystal and the drop chance. You can add more curses if you choose a Dragon Lord Portal at the end of an encounter. The more curses you stack, the more crystals you gain. This is how you can really stack up on crystals. Easy Curses don’t have a lot of impact on the difficulty and sometimes even make your experience easier.

  • Easy Curse
    • +30% Bonus Crystals
    • +25% Crystal Drop Chance on Enemy Death
  • Medium Curse
    • +60% Bonus Crystals
    • +25% Crystal Drop Chance on Enemy Death
  • Hard Curse
    • +120% Bonus Crystals
    • +25% Crystal Drop Chance on Enemy Death

List with all Chaos Chamber Curses.

If you add as many curses as you can but don’t summon an Elite Encounters. You can easily stack up on Rainbow Crystals. Enemies will be pretty weak but you can also avoid the tougher ones as you don’t need to defeat them in order to complete the room.


Open Skull Vaults

There are secret vaults hidden throughout each encounter. Initially, these little vaults are sealed but you can unlock them by finding a hidden skull in the area. Usually, these skulls are hidden nearby the vault but they can be hard to find. The Vault and the Skull both have the same color glow on them as you could find multiple Vaults in an encounter. When you damage the Skull a wisp will unlock the sealed Vault. Now you can interact with the Vault and a bunch of rainbow crystals will pop out. You can hear a sparkling noise when you are close to a skull.

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