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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Chaos Chamber Hidden Skull Locations

Tint Tina's Wonderlands Chaos Chamber Skull Locations
Tint Tina's Wonderlands Chaos Chamber Skull Locations

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands’ Chaos Chamber is full of hidden secrets. You have hidden symbols to collect, secret raid bosses to conquer, but also hidden skulls to find. In this guide, I’m going to tell you how to open the vaults in the Chaos Chamber and where you can find the glowing skulls.

How to open the mini-vaults in the Chaos Chamber

There are mini-vaults hidden in each of the Chaos Chamber dungeons. Gearbox Software calls these “Switches” but I have also seen people call them Runes. Each dungeon within the Chaos Chamber can spawn up to 3 of these mini-vaults (The Secret Mimic Room has 5 mini-vaults). The locations are fixed for each room but they won’t always be there.

When you stumble upon a Switch, you won’t be able to interact with it as it’s still locked. This means you will need to find the corresponding skull that is hidden nearby. Each Vault has a glowing cipher on it. The skull you are looking for will have glowing eyes in the same color as the mini-vault.

Shoot the Skull to free a wisp which will then fly towards the mini-vault and unlock it for you. Now you can interact with it. As the “Switch” opens up, it will spur out a bunch of crystals. This is a nice way to get more crystals in the Chaos Chambers.

Tips For Finding Hidden Skulls

The Skulls are often in pretty good hiding spots. Usually, you can find them around a corner or obscured by the environment. There are a few cases where the skull is located outside of the borders of the map. This means you will have to look beyond the purple glowing borders of the map. While the hidden skulls have glowing eyes, they can occasionally blend in perfectly into their surroundings as a yellow glowing skull can be found in a lit torch making it difficult to spot at first glance.

You can also go into the PhotoMode to access a free-floating camera. Sometimes having a different angle helps you find those hidden skulls. This is also something I did when looking for the hidden Dragon Lord symbols in the Chaos Chambers.

Hidden Skull Locations in Chaos Chamber

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