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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Elemental Damage Types

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Damage Types
Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Damage Types

In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, you will have a ton of different ways to deal damage. This can be through guns, melee weapons, and magic spells. All these damage sources can inflict at least 1 type of damage because like Borderlands 3, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands has multiple elemental damages types. These can be dealt at once or as damage over time.

In a press release by Gearbox Software and 2K Games, the following damage types have been confirmed. Fire, Frost, Lightning, Poison, and Dark Magic. It is safe to assume that Kinetic damage will also return as we have seen regular gun damage.

Damage Types

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands has 6 different damage types, each one has its own pros and cons. Therefore, you must know which type of damage you need to deal against the ton of enemies you will encounter. That way you can effectively take them down.

With the exception of Kinetic Damage, all elemental damage types will also deal damage over time.

Kinetic Damage

Kinetic damage is also known as non-elemental damage, it deals direct physical damage. This is a good all-around damage type as it has no real strengths and weaknesses. In Borderlands 3 this damage type deals 100% of the damage that’s on the item card against all enemies.

  • Flesh: 100%
  • Armor: 100%
  • Shield: 100%
  • Bone: 100%

Fire Damage

Fire Damage or Incendiary Damage has always been good against flesh targets, however, Fire Damage doesn’t work well on Shielded or Armored targets and does even worse on Bone. Use this element against Red Health Bars. Ignited enemies take high damage over a 5-second duration.

  • Flesh: 125%
  • Armor: 95%
  • Shield: 95%
  • Bone: 90%

Lightning Damage

Lightning Damage is also known as Shock Damage. This damage type has always been good against Shielded enemies. It can easily stip enemies from their shield but Shock Damage has always been weak against armored targets. Use this element against Blue Health Bars. Electrocution deals very high damage over a 2-second duration.

  • Flesh: 95%
  • Armor: 80%
  • Shield: 175%
  • Bone: 95%

Poison Damage

Poison Damage will probably act like the Corrosive Damage from Borderlands. It will excel in stripping enemies from their armor but slacking when it comes to flesh and shield targets. Use this element against Yellow Health Bars.

  • Flesh: 95%
  • Armor: 125%
  • Shield: 80%
  • Bone: 95%

Frost Damage

Frost Damage is also known as Cryo Damage. It can slow enemies down and eventually fully freeze them once they reach 100% Efficiency and are at 20% health. Frozen Enemies are extra vulnerable against melee attacks and will take triple damage! Use this element against White Health Bars.

  • Flesh: 80%
  • Armor: 95%
  • Shield: 90%
  • Bone: 115%

Dark Magic Damage / Leech

Dark Magic Damage drains a target’s life source and will add it to your own.

  • Flesh: 90%
  • Armor: 90%
  • Shield: 90%
  • Bone: 90%

Elemental Damage Effectiveness Vs Health Bars

Each element has its own strength and weaknesses use these elements against these health bar colors. Elemental Effectiveness has less of an impact on the Relaxed difficulty, somewhat of an impact on Balanced, and on the Intenst difficulty it matters more.

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