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8 Tips For Massive Money Growth – Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Gold Guide

How to get rich in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands
Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Gold Guide

Gold is the main currency in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands and you are going to need a lot of it because Gearbox Software adjusted the economy in the game compared to previous Borderlands titles. You can find Gold in pouches or as Gold Bars. You automatically pick them up by simply walking near to them. Money is very important in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands because the quality items in the Vending Machines are very expensive. You won’t see a lot of Epic and Legendary items on your first playthrough due to the Loot Luck mechanic in the game. So early on, you want to increase your Loot Luck and gather money so you can buy quality items in the Vending Machines.

Sell Items at Vending Machine

Early on in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, you are going to be on low funds and don’t have amazing weapons just yet. There will be a ton of loot dropping as you progress through the game. Pick up everything you come across and travel back to a Vending Machine.

Usually, there are some Vending Machines near a Fast Travel Station. You can mark the items in your inventory so quickly bulk trash them in a Vending Machine.

Higher Rarity loot sells for a higher price also Cosmetic Items sell at a high price and therefore it’s lucrative to pick up duplicates.

Expand Your Backpack

Once you reached the main hub town, Brighthoof, you can visit the Armory and purchase additional storage capacities. Not just for your weapons but also for your backpack. The more items you can carry the more items you can sell.

Lost Loot Machine

Lost Loot Machine at Izzy's Fizzies

In Izzy’s Fizzies, you can find a Lost Loot machine. This device will pick up quality items that you missed or have fallen off the map. It’s a great source for loot but these items often also sell for premium prices. You can also purchase additional Lost Loot slots at the Armory in Brighthoof to expand its capabilities.

Loot the Wonderlands

In Borderlands 3, you would ignore the small loot chests because they didn’t contain any values. Smaller chests and Butt Stallion chests have a high chance of containing Gold. Therefore, it is more lucrative to also open the smaller loot chests.

Looting chests on the actual overworld is also very lucrative.

Complete the Mool Ah Shrine

 Mool Ah Shrine

When you have access to the Overworld, you can start collecting Shrine pieces for the Mool Ah Shrine. This is the very first Shrine you encounter in the game and is easy to complete. By collecting all the Shrine Pieces you complete a Campaign Challenge and you will receive a +10% Gold Gain Bonus.

Complete Side Objectives

You get money by completing missions in the game. Side Quests are short missions you can do that will earn you some quick bucks.

Farm Bosses

Big boss fights come with big lootsplosions. This is a great way to get money but also quality gear (which you could also sell if you don’t intend to use it).

You can teleport to Brighthoof and go back into the portal you came from to quickly return to the boss fight.

If you have Chaos Levels unlocked you can simply decrease 1 Chaos level, kill the boss, and then increase 1 Chaos Level. Because every time you adjust the Chaos difficulty the map needs to be reloaded.

Recommended bosses:

  • Lachance: No immunity phases.
  • Dry’l: Drops the most Gold.
  • Kastor: Easy to do

Enchant your Gear

Enchantment Reroller at the Armory in Brighthoof

Weapons with an enchantment are more valuable and therefore sell for a higher price. You can easily add one with the enchantment reroll machine. Since the first reroll only costs 1 Moon Orb the cost is minimal but the weapon’s value will increase by ~50%.

You can find the Enchantment Reroller at the Armory in Brighthoof or in the Chaos Chamber.

Gear with Loot Bonuses

There is a Legendary Melee Item called the Goblin Pickaxe that will spawn Gold when you start slashing enemies with it. You can get this item from Pigwart who is the mini-boss that spawns from the Ancient Obelisk in Mount Craw. You can simply use the Goblin Pickaxe on the target dummy in Brighthoof to trigger its effect.

Chaos Chamber Bunnies

If you are purely going for the money, you can also run the Chaos Chamber and use all your crystals on the Heavy Weapon bunnies and sell off these items.

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