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Where to find every Overworld Dungeon Boss in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Overworld Bosses
Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Overworld Bosses

There are 7 boss dungeons hidden throughout Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands‘ Overworld. You need to defeat each of the bosses inside in order to unlock the Dungeon Ender! achievement and these dungeons also contain Shrine Pieces that will give you a permanent passive boost.

These boss dungeons consist of three maps, two where you need to defeat a wave of enemies and a final obelisk room that features a mini-boss.

The mini-bosses in these Overworld Dungeons also drop dedicated legendary weapons, however, this problem I always run into is, which overworld boss is hidden where on the map. That is where this guide comes in. I’ll be sharing where you can find each boss and what items they have in their loot pool, so you know where and who to farm.

Dungeon Door #1 – Frondstrosity


Frondstrocity is located in the Dungeon Door next to the entrance of Weepwild Dankness. You initially get access to this dungeon door after you saved Brigthhoof from the Dragon Lord.

Frondstrosity Dedicated Drops

Frondstrocity drops the Gelatinous Cube this is a Legendary Magic Spell that literally sends forth a slimy cube that bounces 5-times. With each bounce, it will leave a poison puddle with a sticky poison bomb in the center. This bomb will explode after 2 seconds and deals Poison Spell Splash Damage.

Frondstrosity Map Location

Dungeon Door #2 – Bucket Head

Bucket Head

Bucket Head is located in the Dungeon Door near the entrance to Mount Craw. You initially get access to this area after completing the “Working Blueprint” quest. After you crossed the rainbow bridge go left and over the eraser.

Bucket Head Dedicated Drops

Bucket Head drops the Hammer and Anvil is a Legendary Ward. This shield will summon a swirling Hammer when it gets fully drained. The Hammer will then start attacking nearby enemies.

Bucket Head Map Location

Dungeon Door #3 – Captain Swallow

Captain Swallow

Captain Swallow is located in the Dungeon Door near the entrance to Tangledrift. You initially get access to this dungeon door after completing the main quest “Emotion of the Ocean” when you ring the dingaling and blowing up the ocean. When you go to the Wargtooth Shallows entrance, you need to turn to the right and go down the hill to find the Dungeon Door.

Captain Swallow Dedicated drop

Captain Swallow drops the Masterwork Handbow this is a Legendary Pistol by Blackpowder. It will ricochet 6 Crossbolts to the nearest enemy and return 1 bullet back into your magazine whenever you score a critical hit. Each Crossbolts will stick to a target for 3 seconds and increase the damage by +3%.

Captain Swallow Map Location

Dungeon Door #4 – Grissom Whitmore

Grissom Whitmore

Grissom Whitmore is located in the Dungeon Door to the left of the Wargtooth Shallows entrance. You need to be able to reveal hidden bridges to go up the hill. You need to have completed the “Ballad of Bones” and “Lens of the Deceiver” quests to unlock Invisible Bridges, only then you can access this dungeon door.

Grissom Whitmore Dedicated Drop

Grissom Whitmore drops the Theurge this is a Legendary Amulet that reduces your Action Skill Cooldown when casting a Spell and reduces your Magic Spell cooldown when your Action Skill is on Cooldown.

Grissom Whitmore Map Location

Dungeon Door #5 – Magical Splotch

Magical Splotch

Magical Splotch is located in the Dungeon Door to the right of Godswell. You unlocked an Eraser as a shortcut after completing the main quest “Mortal Coil”.

Magical Splotch Dedicated Drop

Magical Splotch drops the Bad Egg this is a Legendary Ward that gives you a passive +20% Movement Speed stat boost. Your Melee Damage also gets +35% Bonus Dark Magic Damage when your ward is depleted.

Magical Splotch Map Location

Dungeon Door #6 – Thorne Shadow

Thorne Shadow

Thorne Shadow is located in the Dungeon Door near Sungfang Oasis. You initially get access to this area after completing the main quest “Son of a Witch”. To reach this Dungeon Door you need to go through the other dungeon located to the right. That dungeon allows you to get up the hill and cross over an invisible bridge, from there you can use the jump pad to reach the Thorne Shadow’s Dungeon Door.

Thorne Shadow Dedicated Drop

Thorne Shadow drops the Antique Greatbow a Legendary Sniper with the highest damage output in the game. However, as soon as you fired it once it breaks and becomes the “Used Antique Greatbow” and its stats drop with -90% Damage and -60% Sell Price.

Thorne Shadow Map Location

Dungeon Door #7 – Eros Wyvern

Eros Wyvern

Eros Wyvern is located in the Dungeon Door to the left of Ossu-Gol Necropolis. You need to complete the side-quest “Pocket Sandstorm” in order to get access to the Dungeon Door.

Eros Wyvern Dedicated Drop

Eros Wyvern drops the Red Hellion a Legendary Shotgun that gains an additional Pellet for every +10% Movement Speed you add to your character.

Eros Wyvern Map Location

Dragon Lord Symbols

You can also find Dragon Lord Symbols in these dungeons. This is a hidden challenge the game doesn’t inform you about until you interact with the first one. Then it keeps score and challenges you to find all 49 hidden symbols. Luckily for you, I have a full guide on these hidden Dragon Lord Symbols.

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