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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Wheel of Fate Guide

Everything you need to know about the Wheel of Fate in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands' DLCs!
Tiny Tina's Wonderlands' Wheel of Fate in Dreamveil Overlook
Wheel of Fate

The Wheel of Fate is part of the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands DLCs. It is located in the center of Dreamveil Overlook, you will find it next to Vesper’s house.

When you use the Wheel of Fate it will spin around and when it lands on one of the loot categories it will spew out (Legendary) loot corresponding to that loot type. It costs 25 Lost Souls to use this creepy contraption.

Wheel of Fate Loot pools

The Wheel of Fate can land on one of these 8 categories and then reward you with the corresponding loot pool.

The Wheel of Fate will only drop the DLC items you have unlocked. You need to beat at least one run of a Mirror to get access to its loot. More loot can be unlocked by completing the additional runs.

Your Loot Luck does impact the rarity chances of the gear that drops from the Wheel of Fate.

You will also receive Moon Orbs and Gold with every spin.

Loot CategoryLoot Rewards
Vest2 Customizations + 2 Customizations from each DLC you own
Skull4 Armors
Amulet4 Amulets
Magic Spell4 Magic Spells
Melee Weapons4 Melee Weapons
Rings4 Rings
Wards4 Wards
Pistol4 Different Weapons of any Weapon Type

Unlocking Legendary Loot

You will get access to a few legendary items when you have purchased one of the Mirrors. The other items you have to unlock by playing the DLC. Each run will unlock new legendary items. When you have unlocked any item it will also be added to the Loot Bunnies in the Chaos Chamber Loot Room.

Coiled Captors Loot

DLC 1, Coiled Captors, has you fighting against Old Chums. Throughout this mirror, you will unlock the following legendary items.

Keep your eyes out for the Tidebreaker or the Cape of Tides.

UnlocksLegendary Loot
InstantlyDie-Vergent Legendary Shotgun
Counterfeint Legendary Ward
Dynamo Legendary Magic Spell
Rainbolt Legendary Magic Spell
Sharksbane Legendary Ring
Slip ‘n’ Stun Legenary Ring
After Run 1Lethal Catch Legendary Ring
After Run 2Tidebreaker Legendary Spell
After Run 3Twisted Delugeon Legendary Launcher
After Run 4Cape of Tides Legendary Armor

Glutton’s Gamble Loot

DLC 2, Glutton’s Gamble, has you fighting against Imelda the Sand Witch! Throughout this mirror, you will unlock the following legendary items.

Keep your eyes out for the Miasmic Mail and the Barboload

UnlocksLegendary Loot
After Run 1Garlic Breath Legendary Spell
Precious Jamstone Legendary Ring
After Run 2Salt and Battery Legendary Melee Weapon
Lich’s Augur Legendary Ward
After Run 3Boltlash Legendary Spell
Miasmic Mail Legendary Armor
After Run 4Oil & Spice Legendary Weapon
Butterboom Legendary Weapon
Barboload Legendary Amulet

Molten Mirrors Loot

DLC 3, Molten Mirrors, has you fighting against Fyodor the Soul Warden! Throughout this mirror, you will unlock the following legendary items.

Keep your eyes out for the Stab-O-Matic

UnlocksLegendary Loot
InstantlyStab-O-Matic Shotgun
Lovestruck Beau spell
Greed Warden melee weapon
Petty Tantrum melee weapon
Protagonizer amulet
After Run 1Fealty Oath Legendary Ring
After Run 2Smithy’s Ire Legendary spell
After Run 3Tyrant’s Truth Legendary armor
After Run 4Echoing Phoenix Legendary gun

Shattering Spectreglass Loot

DLC 4, Shattering Spectreglass, has you fighting against Redmourne the Trivern! Throughout this mirror, you will unlock the following legendary items.

Keep your eyes out for the Mosquito’s Mantle.

UnlocksLegendary Loot
InstantlyDouble-Cross Gun
Wicked Gossip Spell
Unruly Rancor Melee Weapon
Mosquito’s Mantle Armor
Daemon Blight Ring
After Run 1Vengeance Legendary Gun
After Run 2Brutal Stampede Legendary Armor
After Run 3Curse of Malice Legendary Spell
After Run 4Sly Trivern Legendary Gun

Lost Souls

TTWL Soul Farm - Loot

You need to pay Lost Souls in order to spin the Wheel of Fate. You can get these in the Mirrors of Mystery. Each enemy you kill in these DLCs will drop a Lost Soul. You can also get them from hidden Soul Chests.

Increasing your Chaos Level will also increase the number of Lost Souls an enemy will drop.

Chaos LevelNumber of Lost Souls
01 Soul per Kill
202 Souls per Kill
503 Souls per Kill
704 Souls per Kill
1005 Souls per Kill

Are you looking for the best way to farm lost souls, then I wrote a dedicated guide for that.


  • Patch
    • The Wheel of Fate categories now include an improved (1.5x) dedicated drop chance at Legendaries from EACH DLC that the Host Fatemaker owns and has the correct progress in, assuming the category they landed on has any dedicated DLC Legendaries associated with it. This dedicated chance scales with luck.
    • The Wheel of Fate now spawns 4 guaranteed gear pieces when you land on a gear category. The rarity chances of that gear now scale better with luck.
    • When landing on the Customization category, the Wheel of Fate now spawns 2 customizations normally associated with Badasses from the main game, plus 2 customizations from EACH DLC that the host owns and has the correct progress in.
  • Hotfix
    • Corrected Miasmic Mail to drop from the correct category from the Wheel of Fate
  • Patch
    • We have adjusted the Wheel of Fate to drop more items along with Moon Orbs and Gold.
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