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13 Tips on how to win Fortnite Battle Royale

fortnite battle royale tips
fortnite battle royale tips

Everyone wants to win their match in video gaming. Here are a few tips on how to win  Fortnite’s  Battle Royale. Unlike most shooters where the point is to stack up hundreds of kills, the goal with the Battle Royale mode is to survive the game. Therefore in this article, I will give you some tips and tricks on how to survive.

13 Tips For Fortnite Battle Royale:

  1. Don’t jump immediately from the Battle Bus as everyone will be doing this. You want to know where the other players are going as you won’t want to be in that densely populated area.
  2. Towns will have more loot, therefore, this makes them popular. This also increases your chance of encountering enemies. Before landing try and spot loot from the sky.
  3. Open doors means can mean 2 things.  1) Someone is inside and expect a fight or 2) Someone already looted the place so you can skip it. If you are going inside a house to loot it close the door behind you. Because if someone else tries to sneak up on you there will be a sound effect from the door that informs you of their presence. You can also create walls to section of certain areas. This way the opponent needs to take it down before you can reach you.
  4. While on the note of audio clues. Listen for that glimmer sound to find hidden loot chests. These will contain awesome gear. You might need to break a wall, ceiling or floor to get to it.
  5. Set your marker in the center of shrink hole. This way you always know which way to navigate by using your radar.
  6. Always crouch unless you need to run. This way you will make less noise and have less recoil which will give you a small advantage. Also you become a smaller target for the enemy to hit.
  7. While looting and you come across a weapon that you already have always check the rarity.  Higher rarity weapons have better stats. So replace your weapon with the highest rarity if you can’t keep them both.
  8. Use traps on areas that are used commonly like front and back doors of a house. Go inside and place a trap behind the door on the ceiling. Make sure you closed the door. This way unexpected players will rush in to loot the place and will fall for your trap.
  9. Pick your fights. Unless you are a good sniper avoid shooting at long range as it isn’t effective. You have limited resources so engage in fights that you know you will win.
  10. When you are in a fight you can create structures for cover. But you can also create stairs to get the high ground giving you an advantage over your opponent.
  11. As easy as it is to build structures its also easy to take them down. Everything thing is destructible. So you can bring down the house.
  12. After acquiring a kill don’t blindly loot that person’s gear. You become a sitting duck when you inspect the gear. Be aware of your surrounding.
  13. Drink your shield potion as it adds 50 hp and this way you can have an extra 100 max hp.

BONUS TIP: Practice using a Fortnite Building Simulator.

If you have any other tips leave them down in the comments below and help out the community.

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