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Tower of Trials Legendary Weapons – Godfall

Godfall Tower of Trials Legendary Weapons

Godfall Tower of Trials

In the tower of trials, you face off against waves of enemies. Each time you complete a level you can ascend to the next level and face off against stronger opponents.   Once you made it past level 10 you can stumble upon these legendary rooms. Here you can get some real quality loot. Throughout the Tower of Trials, you will be able to obtain 5 exclusive legendary weapons. These items are extra special as these have a double primary effect on them.

Godfall Legendary Weapons

These legendary weapons that drop exclusively from the Ascended Tower of Trials have 2 fixed primary stats and 2 random secondary stats.

Godfall Legendary Sunflare Destiny

Godfall Legendary Sunflare Destiny

Sunflare Destiny

  • 30% chance to summon a Spirit Warrior ally whenever you perform a Deathblow.
  • Gain 157 Overhealth whenever you perform a Deathblow.

Sword of Dominance

  • Your Southen Technique deals +43% damage to full-health enemies
  • Gain 15% Northern Technique charge whenever you hit an enemy with your Southern Technique.

Twin Dragons

  • Inflict Bleed whenever you hit an enemy with a Polarity Attack.
  • While Inner Focus is active, apply Soulshatter Buildup to nearby enemies and all of your attacks deal Soulshatter Damage.

Maul of The Obsidian Pack

  • Gain the Greater Blessing of Endurance whenever you defeat a Poisoned enemy.
  • 5% chance to apply the Mark of Weakness whenever you hit an enemy.

Eye of the Unknown

  • +13% Weapon Technique charge speed
  • +72% Rushing Strike damage to full-Health enemies

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