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What is the Max Level in Redfall

Redfall Max Level Cap Explained
What is the max level cap in Redfall

In this Redfall guide, I’m going to tell you what the level cap is in the game and also what this means for your character and their skill tree.

What is the Max Level in Redfall?

Level 40 is the maximum level cap for the character progression in Redfall. Most players will reach LVL 25-30 on their initial full playthrough. You can start a NewGame+ in order to reach the level cap but after that, you won’t unlock any additional skill points.

Can you max out your Skill Tree in Redfall?

No, you only have 39 Skill Points to spend on your character in Redfall and you need 50 Skill Points to upgrade everything. You can fully upgrade all your abilities as you need 12 Skill Points to reach the capstone skill on each ability, this will consume 36 Skill Points. Then there are 4 Character Specific Skills and 10 General Supply Skills.

Technically, the last character-specific skill is a co-op-focused perk and can be disregarded when playing solo. The general supply-focused skills are nice to have skills and are more resource management perks.

Level Requirements

You need to acquire a lot of experience points (XP) in order to hit that maximum level cap. I have a guide on how you can quickly level up but here are the XP requirements you need to get for some of the levels.

Player LevelRequired XP

Will The Level Cap Increase?

Arkane Studios hasn’t mentioned anything about a potential level cap increase for Redfall. However, as soon as they make an announcement, I’ll update this article.

Skill Trees to Level Up

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