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What to Do After Beating Immortals of Aveum

Immortals of Aveum End Game
Immortals of Aveum End Game

Congratulations, you have beaten the main story campaign and successfully defeated Sandrakk in Immortals of Aveum but now what? In this Immortals of Aveum Guide, I’m going to tell you what you can do after beating the game because even when you wrap up the story there is still a lot to do in the game. Let me tell you about the Immortals of Aveum’s End Game content.

8 Things To Do After You Beat Immortals of Aveum

These are the things you can do in the Epilogue of Immortals of Aveum when the game tells you to “Tie up Loose Ends”.

1. Visit Some Old Friends

Jak wonders what has happened to Luna and if she went back to Seren at the end of the story. You should definitely go check up on her and some of your other close friends.

2. Level Up

You haven’t reached the maximum level with your character once you complete the main story campaign. You can continue to earn experience points to level up and build out your skill tree.

3. Collect all Golden Chests

There are loot chests hidden in Aveum for you to find. They offer you resources and loot but can you find all these Golden Chests?

4. Collect all Lore Pieces

There are lore items hidden throughout Aveum. They offer insights into the world if that’s your thing but if you manage to collect 50 of them, you will earn an Achievement. Can you find all these collectibles?

5. Completed all Shroudfanes

Shroudfanes are portals that take you to a different realm. Each of them holds a different challenge for you to overcome. Some are combat-based while others are designed to test traversal skills.

Shroudfanes offer a good amount of XP but also increase your health or mana bar. There are a few of them that offer Legendary Gear or even a new Magic Spell.

6. Defeat the Six

There are 6 hidden Shroudfanes in Immortals of Aveum that only unlock once you have beaten Sandrakk. These Dens contain challenging boss fights that are designed for the most skilled players with a good character build. Accomplishing these challenges will reward you with some of the best loot in the game.

7. Complete all Shatterfanes

Ascendant Studios added 4 Corrupted Shroudfanes to the game with their Free “Echocollector” Update. These Shatterfanes contain new challenges for you to overcome and unravel the mystery of the Echocollector.

8. Beast of Rasharn

Rumors speak of a new Beast among Rasharn’s ranks and that they are lurking within the borders of Kalthus. You should check if this beast isn’t getting out of control.

9. Earn Every Achievement/Trophy

There are 48 Achievements that you can earn in Immortals of Aveum. Some of these you will unlock by simply playing through the main story campaign, however, there are challenges that require you to complete specific tasks.

There are a few missable achievements in the game that can only be obtained during a certain moment in the game. A new playthrough would be required in order to accomplish those.

10. New Game+

Immortals of Aveum has a New Game+ Mode. This means that you will be able to replay the game with your current character. That way you will be able to go through the game one more time and unlock more Talents. You can enable New Game+ at the entrance of Glaivegate in Kaltus.

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