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Who is the Best Healer in Battleborn?

Best Battleborn Healer
Best Battleborn Healer

Having a kickass support hero on your team is a warm welcome in the Battleborn multiplayer. Having a teammate who has your back and heals you up will bring your team one step closer to victory. But which character is the best healer? Of course, this depends on the play style of the player. Some heroes are better suited for you than for other players. However, some support characters are just terrible at healing their teammates.

Who can heal?

There are multiple Battleborn characters that can heal. Let’s first look at which heroes can actually heal in some shape or form. When you look at this list you will notice that most of these characters fall in the support class with one exception.

Best Battleborn Healer

  1. Miko: If you are looking for a dedicated healer than Miko is the best. His continues heal beam can keep teammates alive while they take massive damage.
  2. Alani: She is also a good healer but this comes at the expense of her attack power. You can augment one of her skills to provide additional healing at level 1. Do you want to provide a big health boost in a small area or do you want to heal a large area but provide less health? Because Alani is a controller she can manage her ground.
  3. Kid Ultra: If you are looking for the ultimate sidekick then Kid Ultra is a good choice. His drones provide decent healing and can be augmented with additional buffs. You can choose to attach these drones to players or place them in the environment. Kid Ultra’s ultimate skill ‘to the rescue’ can be a lifesaver and his passive ability can also be upgraded to provide healing to nearby teammates. Because Kid Ultra’s kit is designed to use on the go makes him an excellent pusher.
  4. Ambra: Like Kid Ultra, Ambra can place healing spots in the environment. Because she cannot attach them to players makes her healing radius pretty small. But Ambra’s territorial gameplay does play into that. However, I don’t think random teams will stay put next to each other.
  5. Reyna: She is actually a shielder. Her shield boosts can keep players in the fight. At level 4 Reyna augments her shield booster to also provide health. This makes her a very vital healer.
  6. Kleese: He is also a shielder and his healing capabilities are a joke. While Kleese can set up a nice energy rift network to buff your shield, the healing chair augment at level 5 does very little healing.
  7. Galilea: She is the only non-support character on the list. Galilea can augment Desecrate fields to provide healing over time. The field is only available for a limit time and provides less than Kleese’s heal chair.

Warning to All Healers

Watch out for Beatrix because most support characters want you to be close to each other. Beatrix’s skills are like a plague that will jump from one host to another if they are close enough to each other.

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