Zane “Cold Running” Build – Borderlands 3

HIGHEST DAMAGE ZANE! 1 Shot EVERYTHING! // Borderlands 3 Cold Runnings Zane Build

Build Description

This is Moxsy’s most powerful Zane build to date. It is based on the new Arms Race Gear, the Kickcharger and the Toboggan, and combines this with the AntiFreeze Class Mod. By increasing your Movement Speed, you increase your damage. And the whole trick with the Kickcharger is that it fully charges when you slide, you combine 2 mechanics and use them to their full potential. The Toboggan will provide a shield when sliding to help you with survivability and will boost your next shot by dealing 100% AMP Damage. Add a 300/90 anoint on your kickchanger and use the MNTIS Cannon to trigger the Re-Volter to gain additional damage, this will let you 1-shot bosses.



Zane “Cold Running” Skill Tree

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