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Zane – INVINCIBLE Build – Borderlands 3

(UPDATED FOR LEVEL 53) INVINCIBLE ZANE BUILD! - Well, mostly Invincible [Borderlands 3]
Zane - Invincible Build by Ki11erSix - Borderlands 3

This is a Zane Build by Ki11erSix that utilizes the Barrier/Drone setup with the Seein’d Class Mod.


This Zane build makes you invincible, it basically allows you to kill everything and run the raid with ease. This build is centered around the ‘seein’ dead‘ class mod, which you can easily get from Moxxi’s heist on the Handsome Jackpot DLC. This class mod allows you to trigger all your kill skills by simply damaging enemies. By using multi-pellet weapons you can easily trigger the effect and have your actions skills up all the time. Previously, this effect was done by spec-ing into the ‘cool, calm, collective’ skill. With that skill, you needed to have full life bars and freeze enemies to reset your action skill times. Now with the ‘Seein’ Dead’ class mod, you can trigger other skills to increase your action skill duration. As long as you are dealing damage you can keep your action skills active. Ki11erSix picks up the Barrier action skill in combination with the ‘All-rounder’ augment to create a bubble shield that protects him from damage from all directions. Since you can’t take damage while the Barrier is active and because you can keep it up 100% of the time, there is no way of you dying.


Skill Tree Overview

Zane - Invincible Build Skill Tree - Borderlands 3

Zane – Invincible Build Skill Tree – Borderlands 3

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  1. Where would you put the +3 points from today’s patch?

    • Hitman Skill Tree, some skills can still pick up a point. Choose accordingly to the needs of your playstyle. More DPS = +1 cool hands, +1 violent momentum, +1 violent violence. If you need a bit more help keeping your action skills up, put 1 point in ‘good misfortune’

  2. Did they patch this or something? I am using the exact items from the build video and on Mayhem 3 or 4 I can’t keep my barrier up nearly as easily as he does and also I go down quite a bit when confronted by badass zealots or anointed even with my barrier up. I don’t see the “invincibility” aspect at all. Any details I’m missing?

    • Not that I know of, I would need to look into it. Using shotguns, works better to keep your action skills up. Personally, I have an additional point in good misfortune to make it a bit easier.


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