Zane “Nova Blast” Build – Borderlands 3

This is a Zane Build by  RestAssured that focuses on Melee damage and dealing as much damage with Novas. By equipping a Stinger Shield with the Melee Nova component and the on Action Skill start triggers  Shield Break perks anoint, you can constantly trigger this effect by using Zane’s MNTIS Cannon. If you don’t have the correct anointment on the shield you could create a similar effect by equipping the Infiltrator Class Mod. If you have both you first have to equip the class mod and then the shield to double up the effect. The Psycho Stabber adds an additional 340%  Melee buff to this build. The Deathless Artifact can trigger the 150% radiation anointment as your health will be below 50%. To counter the low shield capacity, you will be running the Barrier Action Skill with the Allrounder Augment on it. With the skill Seen’ Red and spamming your MNTIS Cannon, you can keep your Barrier up.



Zane 'Nova Blast' Build Skill Tree - Borderlands 3

Zane ‘Nova Blast’ Build Skill Tree – Borderlands 3

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