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This Immortals of Aveum Wiki is a Resource HUB for new and established Battlemages. It’s crafted by a Community Expert who covers everything you need to know about the game in an accessible way while also giving you in-depth knowledge. I’ll keep you informed on the latest developments and assist you with in-depth guides.

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Immortals of Aveum Wiki Overview

This Immortals of Aveum Wiki is your one-stop shop for everything you need to know about the game. You will find in-depth resources about a wide variety of topics about Immortals of Aveum. Make sure you bookmark this page as this is your fast-travel portal!


General information about Immortals of Aveum.

AboutNewsImagesGuidesFAQ  ♦  Trailers

AchievementsControlsPatch Notes


Detailed information about the world of Aveum.

Story ♦  Missions ♦  CharactersShroudfanes

Abilities & Loot

In-depth guides about the loot and abilities in the game and their mechanics.

Magic SpellsGear Explained  ♦ Forge

Ascension PointsTalent Tree

Gear Database


Popular guides to help you on your way.

Combat Tips ♦   Mystical OrbsUnlock Deluxe Content Best Gear

Hidden Lore BookEnd GameNew Game+Find Mr.Beast

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