Immortals of Aveum Antagonist Forge Upgrade Screen

The Forge lets you craft, upgrade, and deconstruct Gear in Immortals of Aveum. You gain access to the Forge in Chapter 4 for the first time, this is also the moment you gain access to the Deluxe Bonus Items.

Crafting or Upgrading items cost Gold and magical Essence. These resources can be found throughout the world of Aveum.

Deconstructing gear allows you to clean up your inventory. This action will also refund you the Gold and magical Essence from the deconstructed item.

You can also buy Packs at the Forge to increase the number of Health and Mana crystals you can carry.


Gold and Multiple Essences are used as a currency in Aveum. These resources can simply be obtained while playing the game. Legendary Essence is a scarce resource so use it wisely.

GoldGeneral Currency
Blue EssenceEssence for Blue Magic Items
Red EssenceEssence for Red Magic Items
Green EssenceEssence for Green Magic Items
Legendary EssenceEssence for Legendary Magic Items

Upgrading Gear

Gear can be upgraded in Immortals of Aveum. The higher the rarity tier of the item the more augments you can add to the item. This is indicated by the number of dots on the top right of the item card.

Upgrading gear increases the core stats and secondary stats of the item. Some items have secret stats that only unlock when the item is fully upgraded.

RarityColorUpgrade Slots

Items Packs

Health Packs

Health packs allow Jak to carry extra Health crystals. These crystals are used to refill your life bar when you are running low on health.

Crystal CapacityPack Upgrade Costs
4Gold: 50.000
Essence: B100/R100/G100

Mana Packs

Mana packs allow Jak to carry extra Mana crystals. These crystals are used to refill your Mana bar in order to cast Fury Spells.

Crystal CapacityPack Upgrade Costs
4Gold: 75.000
Essence: B200/R200/G200
Can you craft legendary gear in Immortals of Aveum

Yes, you can craft and upgrade legendary items in Immortals of Aveum, however, that requires legendary essence which is rare and difficult to obtain in the game.

Can you increase your Max Health in Immortals of Aveum

Yes, you can increase your maximum health by obtaining Radiant Health Stones throughout the game. These increase your health bar.

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