You are able to obtain a variety of gear in Immortals of Aveum that boosts your character. There are Sigils, Braces, Rings, and Totems. There are over 200 Pieces of Gear in Immortals of Aveum that can be found in chests, earned by defeating bosses, or crafted at the Forge.

The loot in Immortals of Aveum is fixed, the content of a chest will always be the same for everyone. Immortals of Aveum is not a Looter-Shooter with procedurally generated items. You will find the same loot in New Game+, however, you will get XP if you already obtained that item during your first playthrough.

Your Gear can be upgraded at the Forge by using Gold and (Blue/Red/Green/Legendary) Essence, which you can find throughout the game.

There are a few exclusive items that are only available if you purchased the Deluxe Edition of Immortals of Aveum.

Immortals of Aveum Gear Menu
Immortals of Aveum Gear Menu

Gear Types

Check out my Immortals of Aveum Gear Database if you are looking for a specific piece of gear as I will only go over the basic info about each item in this article.


Sigils are the gauntlets that Jak uses to focus his magical abilities. They come in all 3 colors of magic and can also grant stat boosts to your character. You can equip 3 different Sigils, one for each color of magic, so choose wisely Magnus.

Sigils Strike SpellsColorEffect
Breachfire / Burstfire / FragfireRedAct similarly to Shotguns
Arclight / Javelins / ShrikeboltBlueAct similar to your long-range Pistol/Sniper
Seekershards / Stormshards / MaelstromGreenAct similar to a rapid-firing SMG with homing projectiles


Totems are left-handed items that offer various boosts but they mainly focus on your movement abilities. You can equip up to 3 Totems to boost your character. Totems come in all 3 magic colors.

LensRedA Magic beam to disrupt enemy attacks or solve reflection puzzles
ChainBlueA Lash to pull enemies towards you or reach different platforms
VailGreenA Blob that slows enemies or objects


Magic Rings provide various stat boosts but can also augment and transform the grenade-like Fury spells. You can equip up to 2 Rings to enhance your capabilities.


Bracers are these wristbands that you can equip. They greatly boost your defensive abilities. Only 1 Bracer can be equipped so choose wisely Magnus.


Sigils3Sigils grant stat boosts and buffs and can also alter how certain spells work.
Totems3Totems offer various (mobility) boosts.
Rings2Magic Rings augment and transform the grenade-like Fury spells.
Bracer1Bracers boost your defensive abilities.

Rarity Tiers

All the pieces of gear have a rarity tier assigned to them. The higher the rarity tier the more upgrades you can add to them in the Forge.

Legendary items are the capstone items, they are the Best-in-Slot of a particular item, however, some Legendary items fundamentally change how a spell works.

RarityColorUpgrade SlotsUpgrade Slots
New Game+


Gear AttributesDescription
Sigil DamageIncrease the damage dealt by each Strike cast.
SpeedIncrease the speed at which you can cast Strike spells.
CapacityIncrease the number of times you can cast spells before recharging or reloading your Sigil.
Critical DamageIncrease damage dealt to enemy weak spots.
ArmorDecrease incoming damage from all sources.
Shield HealthIncrease the amount of damage absorbed by your Shield spell before breaking.
Fury ManaIncrease the number of Furies you may cast.
Dominion Mana GenerationIncrease the amount of Dominion Mana generation by damaging and defeating enemies.
Magic PowerDecrease incoming damage from all sources.
Crystal CapacityIncrease the number of Health or Mana Crystals you may carry.
ShredIncrease the damage and effect of all Strike, Furies, Control, and Dominion spells of the matching color.

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