Immortals of Aveum Gear Overview

You are able to obtain a variety of gear in Immortals of Aveum that boosts your character. There are Sigils, Braces, Rings, and Totems. and they can be augmented to gain better stats.

Hundreds of Pieces of Gear can be found throughout the game but can also be purchased with in-game gold that you get by simply playing the game.

The loot in Immortals of Aveum is fixed, the content of a chest will always be the same for everyone. Immortals of Aveum is not a Looter-Shooter with procedurally generated items.

Your gear can be upgraded by using Gold and (Blue/Red/Green/Legendary) Essence, which you can find throughout the game.

Immortals of Aveum Gear Menu
Immortals of Aveum Gear Menu


Sigils are the gauntlets that Jak uses to focus his magical abilities. They grant stat boosts and buff to your character but they can also alter how certain spells work. 3 Sigils can be equipped so choose wisely Magnus.

SigilHow to getSpecial Effect
Purified ArclightPre-Order BonusThe Purified Arclight is a unique blue sigil that will unleash more power for Jak’s blue Strike spells and Shatter Fury spell
Triarch’s WrathDeluxe EditionTriarch’s Wrath can be equipped as either Jak’s red, green, or blue sigil and boosts critical hit damage
Lucian Shrikebolt
Oremic Breachfire
Lucian Stormshards
Wildland SeekershardsTorrent fires a single large missile that deals 200% missile damage
Lucent MaelstromGreen Magic Power +15
Lucent BurstfireMaximum Projectile Distance +100%
Oremic ArclightArclight Critical Damage +15%

Sigil Prefix

KalthusArmor Shred +30%
CrimsonFiring Arc +20%
LucianRed Magic Power +10
SearingFiring Arc +20%
HarrowsRegen Shred +25%
BreakshotShield Shred +25%
Recoil -15%


Totems are left-handed items that offer various boosts but they mainly focus on your movement abilities. You can equip up to 3 Totems to boost your character. Totems come in all 3 magic colors.

TotemsHow to getSpecial Effect
Dresnyr LensDeluxe EditionDresnyr Lens increases Spellbreak damage and boosts the overall power of red magic spells
Lucian ChainDeluxe EditionLucian Chain increases the overall power of blue magic and decreases the cooldown of Lash control spells
Vial of the PentacadeDeluxe EditionVial of the Pentacade increases the duration of Limpet control spells and boosts overall green magic power
Snare ChainLash Recharge Time -10%
Lash Clip Size +1
Blue Chain
Red Lens
Torpid Vial
Green VialGreen Magic Power +5


Magic Rings augment and transform the grenade-like Fury spells. You can equip up to 2 Rings to enhance your capabilities.

RingsHow to getSpecial Effect
Immortals RingDeluxe EditionImmortals Ring increases Shred against all 3 colors of magic
Ring of RasharnDeluxe EditionRing of Rasharn increases spell damage for all 3 colors of magic
Aristeyan RingDeluxe EditionAristeyan Ring boosts Fury damage for all 3 colors of magic
Dominion Ring
Mana Ring
Cinder RingBlastwave Damage +20%
Shatter RingShatter Damage +20%
Azure RingBlue Magic Power +20
Torrent RingTorrent Damage +27%


Bracers are these wristbands that you can equip. They boost your defensive abilities. Only 1 Bracer can be equipped so choose wisely Magnus.

BracersHow to getSpecial Effect
Bracer of the ColossalDeluxe EditionBracer of the Colossal bestows increased Armor and Healing Crystal recovery
Sky Island GauntletDeluxe EditionSky Island Gauntlet increases Armor and Shield Health, while decreasing Dodge cooldown
Crystal Bracer
Soldier Wraps
Blink BandsArmor +55
Blink Charges +1
Metal Gauntlet
Etched BracerArmor +20
Blink Charges +1


Sigils3Sigils grant stat boosts and buffs and can also alter how certain spells work.
Totems3Totems offer various (mobility) boosts.
Rings2Magic Rings augment and transform the grenade-like Fury spells.
Bracer1Bracers boost your defensive abilities.

Rarity Tiers

All the pieces of gear have rarity tiers. The higher the rarity tier the more augments you can add to the items.

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