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Magic Spells

Immortals of Aveum Magic Spells

Immortals of Aveum is a magic shooter, however, you don’t just use your magic spells in combat to attack or defend yourself. You will also use your powers to solve puzzles and move gigantic objects to create new pathways.

Magical Arsenal

You will be able to obtain different gear that enhances your spell-casting abilities throughout the game. The Gauntlet that you are wearing is the centerpiece that channels your magical powers. It is called a Sigil but there are more pieces of gear that you can find, purchase, and even upgrade that impact your play style.

Three Colors of Magic

See the magic flow over the world of Aveum
See the magic flow over the world of Aveum

There are three different magic colors in the world of Immortals of Aveum.

Your character is unique as Jak is a Triarch Magnus, an extremely rare spellcaster capable of wielding all three colors of magic.

There is Red, Blue, and Green magic and they all have their own capabilities and strengths.

BreachfireRedsimilarly to a shotgun
JavelinsBluechargeable projectiles you can hurl at enemies
StormshardsGreenrapid-firing homing projectiles

Red ‘Chaos’ Magic

Magic Spells

Red Magic embodies entropy and violence. Its spells can create, rend, and harness energy in extreme ways, manipulating it to unleash a destructive beam or disrupting it to disorient enemies.

Red magic attacks act like your shotgun when comparing it to regular shooters. It deals a lot of damage at close range.

  • Short Range
  • High Damage
  • Area of Effect
BreachfireUse Breachfire to do high damage at close range

Blue ‘Force’ Magic

Magic Spells

Blue Magic embodies force and the physical manipulation of matter. Fire precise bolts, spontaneously form shields and defensive walls, or manipulate gravity. Blue magic also powers a Magnus’ ability to grapple, push, or pull objects.

Blue magic attacks act like your sniper rifle when comparing it to regular shooters. Strong targeted attacks that deal good damage.

  • Long Range
  • Precise
  • Crit Bonus Damage
JavelinCharge up a strong, long range spell. Your view zooms in a bit for an precise shot.

Green ‘Life’ Magic

Magic Spells

Green Magic embodies growth, death, and transition. Spells manipulate enemies and objects by altering them or their surroundings. Bind objects in place, misdirect with illusions, or rend an enemy’s ability to cast or heal.

Green magic attacks act like your SMG when comparing it to regular shooters. The Needler from Halo is a great comparison.

  • Mid-Range
  • High Fire Rate
  • High Capacity
  • Homing Projectiles
SpellbreakYou can use Disrupt to Spellbreak enemy spells. Enemy health bars will glow when they are casting. Time your Disrupt spell to trigger an explosion.

Magical Abilities

Yes, Immortals of Aveum is a magic shooter but you have more magical powers than simply going PEW PEW PEW.

Strike Spells

Strike Spells are the primary attacks that you cast from your Sigil. You can equip a strike spell for each color of magic and each color has 3 different attacks to choose from. The various Sigils all provide different boosts and buffs to your spells.


Fury attacks are extra powerful spells that you can unleash on your foes. However, this collection of spells drains a special Mana bar and therefore must be used wisely. You can find special Mana crystals throughout the world to replenish your Mana bar.

One of the furies creates a black hole that pulls in enemies another one creates a devastating shockwave around you.

BlastwaveRedSend out a ring of Red Magic around you that knocks enemies back.
ShatterBlueA powerful Blue Magic Spell that travels rapidly towards targets and explodes in a burst of blue spikes, damaging all enemies in the area.
TorrentGreenLaunches a volley of Green Magic projectiles toward your enemies.

Control Spells

Control spells allow you to manipulate the world and your enemies in a variety of ways. These magic spells are also used to solve puzzles in Immortals of Avuem.


Blue magic also fuels your powers to grapple, push, or pull objects. With your leash, you are able to pull in enemies for a devastating close-range blow or pull yourself to specific locations by hooking onto specific blue markers.

The Leash ability is assigned to the button you would act as the “aim down sight” mechanic in regular shooters.


Limpets is a Green Magic spell that allows you to slow down enemies or objects in order to take control of the situation.

Small blobs of Green Magic that seek out and attach to enemies, slowing them down. Best used against large, dangerous targets and in combination with Furies.


You can unleash a destructive beam or a disruption to disorient enemies.


Match your magic color attack with an enemy defense color to Shred their defense spells.

Dominion Spell

Dominion spells are Jak’s ultimate move. These spells can clear the room of enemies, however, it does take some time to charge and cast.

Dominion SpellEffect
ImmolateChannels a destructive beam of combined magic that does massive damage. Good against single, powerful opponents.



Unleash your magical powers while protecting yourself with a shield
Unleash your magical powers while protecting yourself with a shield

You are able to summon a magical barrier to shield you from enemy attacks. While you are able to shoot through your shield, it will reduce your mobility. If the shield absorbs too much damage it will break leaving you vulnerable to attacks.

Immortals of Aveum is a fast pace shooter and with that comes a blink ability. You are able to teleport short distances to quickly dodge enemy attacks or reposition yourself.


Hover allows you to float over the battlefield for a while and rain down your enemies with magic spells.





Combat Tips

The enemies that you encounter during your quest can have shields that protect them from your attacks. These barriers can only be broken by the corresponding color magic. This means that if you come across an enemy with a Red Magic Shield you need to counter that with Red Magic Spells.

Some enemies can be immune to a specific magic type. Switch to a different magic color in order to defeat them.

You can enhance your magic spells by leveling up and unlocking new Talents in your Skill Tree.

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