Immortals of Aveum - Blastwave

Blastwave is a Red Fury Spell in Immortals of Aveum that unleashes a powerful Nova explosion around you that wipes out everyone who dares to approach you. This spell is ideal if you are being swarmed by multiple enemies.

Magic Color:Red
Magic Type:Fury

Blastwave Upgrades

Blastwave has its own dedicated upgrades in the Talent Tree.

TierRed Blastwave SkillCostPowerDescription
1Corrosion Wave1+5Blastwave inflicts Corrosion on enemies
2Exalted Blastwave1+5Increases the knockback and range of Blastwave by 40%
3Chaos Fissure2+5Blastwave creases a Chaos Fissure that damages enemies and then detonates.

Blastwave Notes

  • The Blastwave damage consists of multiple ticks with the last tick dealing the most damage.
  • The effectiveness of Blastwave can be increased further if you combine the LVL1 Upgrade with other Corrosion Damage over Time effects.
    • Consuming Corrosion: Corrosion deals damage over time to afflicted enemies.
    • Exalted Corrosion: Increase the duration of Corrosion by 3 seconds.
    • Rampage: At critical health, instantly cast Blastwave and gain 50% bonus Armor for 6 seconds (60 Seconds Cooldown).
  • Blastwave benefits from:
    • Red Magic increases
    • Fury Damage increases
    • Blastwave Damage increases
    • Blastwave Shred increases

Blastwave Gear

These items increase Blastwave’s powers.

Rentadi Burstfire

Immortals of Aveum - Sigil - Rentadi Burstfire
  • Blastwave Damage
  • Blastwave Shred

Blastwave Ring

Immortals of Aveum - Ring - Blastwave Ring
  • Blastwave Damage

Crystal Bracer

Immortals of Aveum - Bracer - Crystal Bracer
  • Armor
  • Fury Damage
  • All Magic Power

Aristeyan Ring

Immortals of Aveum - Ring - Aristeyan Ring
  • Fury Damage

Flare Ring

Immortals of Aveum - Ring - Flare Ring
  • Blastwave Damage
  • Red Dominion Mana Generation

Fury Ring

Immortals of Aveum - Ring - Fury Ring
  • Fury Damage


Immortals of Aveum - Ring - Nova
  • Blastwave Damage
  • Red Magic Power
  • Red Dominion Mana Generation

Oblivion Burstfire

Immortals of Aveum - Sigil - Oblivion Burstfire
  • Blastwave Damage


Immortals of Aveum - Bracer - Xerexes
  • Armor
  • Fury Damage
  • Fury Mana Regeneration

Magnus Bracer

Immortals of Aveum - Bracer - Magnus Bracer
  • Armor
  • Fury Damage

Mana Ring

Immortals of Aveum - Ring - Mana Ring
  • Fury Mana Regeneration
  • Fury Damage

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