Disrupt is a Red Control Spell in Immortals of Aveum that allows you to Spellbreak enemy attacks. This counter beam lets you cancel enemy attacks whenever you see their health bars glow yellow. The glow indicates that the opponent is charging their attack. Spellbreak triggers an explosion leaving the enemy stunned.

Magic Color:Red
Magic Type:Control

Disrupt Upgrades

Disrupt has its own dedicated upgrades in the Talent Tree.

TierRed Disrupt SkillCostPowerDescription
1Corrosion Beam1+5Disrupt inflicts Corrosion when its cast concludes.
2Quick Beam1+5Reduce the cooldown of Disrupt by 20%
3Siphon Mana2+5Successfully Spellbreaking an enemy recovers a segment of Fury Mana.

Refract Ability


Disrupt can be upgraded with the Refract ability. This allows you to split the beam from your lens by using Prisms. The Refract Ability is Unlocked in Mission 11 “The Binding Mark” by simply following the main story quests. This ability lets you solve puzzles that require multiple beams of light.

Disrupt Notes

  • The different Lenses in Immortals of Aveum can augment the effect of Refract like giving them a shorter cooldown.

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