Lash is a Blue Control Spell in Immortals of Aveum that allows you to pull in enemies. This magical whip is cast using the Blue Chain Totems.

Magic Color:Blue
Magic Type:Control

Lash Upgrades

Lash has its own dedicated upgrades in the Talent Tree.

TierBlue Lash SkillCostPowerDescription
1Quick Lash1+5Reduce the cooldown of Lash by 10%
2Greater Lash1+5Cast an additional Lash.
3Backlash2+5Lashing an enemy creates a Force explosion, damaging and knocking enemies back.

Grapple Ability


The Lash can be upgraded with the Grapple ability. This allows you to attach the Lash onto Blue Anchor Points. The Grapple Ability is Unlocked in Mission 8 “Exile” by simply following the main story quests.

You can also ride the Laylines when you obtain the Grapple Ability. While it is not explained in the Grapple Fane you can lean to the left or right while riding a Layline to avoid obstacles along the path.

Lash Notes

  • The different Chains in Immortals of Aveum can augment the effect of Lash giving them a shorter cooldown or additional strikes.
  • The Lash can be used to pull in enemies from a far distance.
  • Heavy enemies cannot be pulled in by the chain and the opposite effect will occur as you will pull yourself towards the heavy enemy.
  • You can cancel the pull and drop enemies into a pit.
  • Pulling enemies up close works well in combination with Red Magic Sigils as these are devastating at close range.

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