Limpets is a Green Control Spell in Immortals of Aveum that allows you to slow down enemies or objects in the world. They are cast using the Green Vial Totems.

Limpets can explode if they are infused with Red Magic. This can be done by Red Magic Sigils or Red Magic Furies.

Magic Color:Green
Magic Type:Control

Limpets Upgrades

Limpets has its own dedicated upgrades in the Talent Tree.

TierGreen Limpets SkillCostPowerDescription
1Greater Vial1+5Cast an additional Limpet.
2Exalted Limpets1+5Increase Limpets duration by 20%
3Decay Limpets2+5Limpets apply a stack of Decay damage over time.

Limpets Notes

  • The different Vials in Immortals of Aveum can augment the effect of Limpets giving them a longer duration, additional blobs, or increased Damage over Time.
  • They can be used simultaneously while casting magic with your other hand.
  • These green projectiles have a slow travel speed but they do have homing capabilities and will travel to the target you are looking towards when shooting them.
  • Limpets won’t work if the enemy has a shield, armor, or regen spell active.
  • Limpets are very effective against Green Magni that dash across the area.
  • The Red Magic Skill “Living Explosion” adds Health Regeneration to Limpets that have been infused with Red Magic.

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