Immortals of Aveum - Torrent

Torrent is a Green Fury Spell in Immortals of Aveum that launches a volley of Green Homing projectiles toward your enemies.

Magic Color:Green
Magic Type:Fury

Torrent Upgrades

Torrent has its own dedicated upgrades in the Talent Tree.

TierGreen Torrent SkillCostPowerDescription
1Decay Torrent1+5Torrent missiles apply a stack of Decay damage over time to each enemy hit.
2Onslaught1+5Torrent fires 2 additional shots.
3Alpha Strike2+5Direct Hits with Torrent missiles deal 100% more damage.

Torrent Notes

  • A few Green Sigils can augment the Torrent Fury Spell into a single projectile that deals massive damage. If you add other gear items that increase the number of Torrent Projectiles will result in multiple of these massive damage projectiles.
  • Torrent benefits from:
    • Green Magic increases
    • Fury Damage increases
    • Torrent Damage increases
    • Torrent Missile increases

Torrent Gear

These items increase Torrent’s powers.

Crystal Bracer

Immortals of Aveum - Bracer - Crystal Bracer
  • Armor
  • Fury Damage
  • All Magic Power

Aristeyan Ring

Immortals of Aveum - Ring - Aristeyan Ring
  • Fury Damage

Mana Ring

Immortals of Aveum - Ring - Mana Ring
  • Fury Mana Regeneration
  • Fury Damage

Fury Ring

Immortals of Aveum - Ring - Fury Ring
  • Fury Damage


Immortals of Aveum - Bracer - Xerexes
  • Armor
  • Fury Damage
  • Fury Mana Regeneration

Magnus Bracer

Immortals of Aveum - Bracer - Magnus Bracer
  • Armor
  • Fury Damage

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