Vortex is a Blue Fury Spell in Immortals of Aveum that creates a black hole that pulls in enemies.

Magic Color:Blue
Magic Type:Fury

How to get the Vortex Fury

Immortals of Aveum Shroudfane - Lattice Fane Map Guide

Are you missing talents in your Blue Skill Tree? Well, you missed collecting the optional Blue Fury Spell called Vortex.

You can obtain the Vortex fury by completing the Lattice Fane that is hidden in the Oremen map. You will gain access to this area in Chapter 8. There is a Memory Leak Orb just in front of the Library of Akoth that you can interact with. When you activate the Orb, the “iron-goo” will disappear and reveal the portal. Now you can enter this locked-off Shroudfane.

Vortex Upgrades

Vortex has its own dedicated upgrades in the Talent Tree.

Blue Vortex SkillCostPowerDescription
Exalted Vortex1+5Increase the duration of Vortex by 4 seconds, and the range by 25%
Sap Shere1+5Enemies caught in a Vortex take 20% more damage from all sources.
Crush2+5Increase Vortex damage over time by 100%

Vortex Notes

  • Blue Magi are not pulled in by the Vortex but do take damage.
  • Vortex benefits from:
    • Blue Magic increases
    • Fury Damage increases
    • Vortex Damage increases
    • Vortex Duration increases

Vortex Gear

These items increase Vortex’s powers.

Crystal Bracer

Immortals of Aveum - Bracer - Crystal Bracer
  • Armor
  • Fury Damage
  • All Magic Power

Aristeyan Ring

Immortals of Aveum - Ring - Aristeyan Ring
  • Fury Damage

Mana Ring

Immortals of Aveum - Ring - Mana Ring
  • Fury Mana Regeneration
  • Fury Damage

Fury Ring

Immortals of Aveum - Ring - Fury Ring
  • Fury Damage


Immortals of Aveum - Bracer - Xerexes
  • Armor
  • Fury Damage
  • Fury Mana Regeneration

Magnus Bracer

Immortals of Aveum - Bracer - Magnus Bracer
  • Armor
  • Fury Damage

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