Immortals of Aveum Missions

Immortals of Aveum is a single-player magic shooter that tells the story of Jak and his role in the Everwar against Sandrakk as he unlocks his newly gained potential.

Main Missions

There are 18 main missions throughout the story campaign of Immortals of Avuem:

  1. Streetwise
  2. The Magnus
  3. Yltheum
  4. Road To The Palathon
  5. The Immortals
  6. The Hand of Sandrakk
  7. Nocea
  8. Exile
  9. The Magic Eaters
  10. Caldera
  11. The Binding Mark
  12. Colossal
  13. Collateral
  14. Ruin
  15. Occupation
  16. Glaivegate
  17. The Shrouded Realm
  18. Mala-Dar

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