Immortals of Aveum Missions

Immortals of Aveum is a single-player magic shooter that tells the story of Jak and his role in the Everwar against Sandrakk as he unlocks his newly gained potential.

There are 18 main missions throughout the story campaign of Immortals of Avuem. The following info may contain spoilers if you haven’t reached that part of the game.

1. Streetwise

Seren is under attack! We need to get home, now.

In-game Journal description
  1. Search the Manor
  2. Escape the Manor
  3. Return Home
  4. Defend Yourself

2. The Magnus

Grand Magnus Kirkan has enlisted me to train in the Lights Army. I need to prove to her that I can become a battle mage. A Magnus.

In-game Journal description
  • Complete Your Training

3. Yltheum

That Howler dropped me off in the middle of nowhere. I need to find a way back to the battle.

In-game Journal description
  1. Follow Kirkan
  2. Reach the Forward Bastion
  3. Repel the Rasharnians
  4. Return to the Tower
  5. Follow the Hand of Sandrakk
  6. Exit the Temple
  7. Reach the Battlefield
  8. Destroy the Enemy Forces
  9. Kill the Howler

4. Road To The Palathon

Kirkan is allowing me to take the test to become an Immortal. Selection is being held in the Palathon, the headquarters of the Immortals. I need to travel through Lordsfell to get there.

In-game Journal description
  1. Travel to the Palathon
  2. Speak to Captain Selko
  3. Use the Forge
  4. Speak to Captain Selko
  5. Travel to the Palathon

5. The Immortals

I’ve passed Selection and become an Immortal! Time to get some rest.

In-game Journal description
  1. Go to Selection
  2. Follow Devyn
  3. Complete the Path
  4. Follow Zendara
  5. Rest in Your Quarters
  6. [Optional] Speak to Your Allies

6. The Hand of Sandrakk

Kirkan wants me to meet me in the War Chamber.

In-game Journal description
  1. Meet Kirkan in the Vault
  2. Get the Restore Spell
  3. Speak to Kirkan
  4. Speak to Zendara in the War Chamber
  5. Enter the Pale Forest
  6. Reach the Leyline Tower
  7. Search the Tower
  8. Return to the Palathon
  9. Meet Kirkan in the War Chamber
  10. Speak to Kirkan

7. Nocea

Somehow I survived the destrucion of Nocea. Sandrakk used the Binding Stone to destroy the entire city. We need to find a way to stop him.

In-game Journal description
  1. Deliver the Portal Stone to Selko in Lordsfell
  2. Meet Kirkan in Nocea
  3. Debrief in the War Chamber

8. Exile

Thaddeus is in Mount Dresnyr, according to his journal. The only way to reach him is through the Underdwell, the home of the Aelori. I need to find the entrance to the Underdwell hidden somewhere in Kalthus.

In-game Journal description
  1. Speak to Devyn
  2. Learn the Grapple Spell in Havensheer
  3. Exit the Shroudfane
  4. Ride the Leyline in Havensheer to Reach Devyn
  5. Reach Oremen
  6. Defend Yourself
  7. Reach the Library of Akoth
  8. Enter the Archieves
  9. Follow Kenzie
  10. Reach Kalthus

9. The Magic Eaters

Rook says he can take me to Thaddeus. I have no choice but to trust him.

In-game Journal description
  1. Reach the Underdwell
  2. Explore the Underdwell
  3. Open the Temple Door
  4. Explore the Underdwell
  5. Follow Rook
  6. Speak to Rook
  7. Reach Caldera

10. Caldera

Devyn’s brought in Kenzie to help us find the Shrineforge. The same Kenzie that makes sure you know she thinks Lucians are just the worst. I should het to the War Chamber before things implode.

In-game Journal description
  1. Enter Thaddeus’ Fortress
  2. Follow Thaddeus
  3. Pursue the Hand of Sandrakk
  4. Speak to Kirkan in the War Chamber
  5. Rest in Your Quarters
  6. Meet in the War Chamber

11. The Binding Mark

I was able to gain a Mark of Control for the Binding Stone. Even though Kirkan wanted to destroy it, I know that using it against Sandrakk will help us win the war. I just can’t tell her that…yet.

In-game Journal description
  1. Speak to Selko
  2. Clear the Area
  3. Find the Shrineforge
  4. Speak to Zendara
  5. Return to the Palathon
  6. Speak to Kirkan in the Vault

12. Colossal

We defeated Sandrakk and secured the Binding Stone. With it, I know we can win the war. I just need to convince Kirkan.

In-game Journal description
  1. Meet Zendara in the War Chamber
  2. [Optional] Speak to Kenzie in Your Quarters
  3. Meet Selko at Thayven’s Point
  4. Speak to Devyn
  5. Reach the Control Room
  6. Defend the Heart
  7. Reach the Control Room
  8. Defeat Sandrakk
  9. Speak to Kirkan in the War Chamber

13. Collateral

Sandrakk is still alive, and recovering in Kalthus. I need to find him and end this and for all.

In-game Journal description
  1. Secure the Binding Stone
  2. Speak to Devyn
  3. Leave the Palathon
  4. Meet Thaddeus in his Fortress
  5. Get the Wardbreaker spell
  6. Reach the Font in Kalthus
  7. Find Sandrakk

14. Ruin

Sandrakk is attacking the Palathon! He was able to transport himself straight to the Binding Stone in the Vault. If he reaches the Font that lies in The Path, he will gain control over all magic in Aveum. I can’t let that happen.

In-game Journal description
  1. Rally with Devyn
  2. Reach the Path
  3. Stop Sandrakk

15. Occupation

My connection to the Binding Stone allowed me to break Sandrakk’s hold on Magic. I may have a chance to fix everything I’ve done, if we can get out of Seren alive.

In-game Journal description
  1. Follow Luna
  2. Retrieve Your Gear
  3. Escape From Seren

16. Glaivegate

Sandrakk has summoned me to his flagship, and he has Kirkan prisoner. I don’t know why he needs me, but this may be my chance to end this once and for all.

In-game Journal description
  1. Reach the Wall
  2. Clear the Battlefield
  3. Travel to Sandrakk’s Ship

17. The Shrouded Realm

The Pentacade showed me that the Aelore are the key to healing the Wound. They have the ability to channel magic back into the Shrouded Realm and keep Aveum in balance. I need to convinve Kirkan and the others that we need them to help us, and that Sandrakk’s plan of killing the Pentacade will doom us all.

In-game Journal description
  1. Enter the Shrouded Realm
  2. Follow Sandrakk
  3. Return to Sandrakk
  4. Speak to Kirkan
  5. Speak to Zendara
  6. [Optional] Speak to Your Allies

18. Mala-Dar

Sandrakk is pulling the Pentacade into our reality, where he means to kill it. We need to stop him, and use the Aelori to absorb the Mala-Dar which is mahing the Wound grow. It all comes down to this.

In-game Journal description
  1. Clear the Main Deck
  2. Exit the Main Deck
  3. Clear the Lower Decks
  4. Exit the Lower Decks
  5. Reach the Hangar
  6. Secure the Hangar
  7. Reach Sandrakk
  8. Confront Sandrakk
  9. Defeat Sandrakk

19. “Epilogue”

We did it. Sandrakk’s dead, and somehow I’m still alive. The Wound has stopped growing and even shows signs of shrinking. There is an uneasy peace with the Aelori that we need to strengthen through time and trust. There are still Rasharnian holdouts all over Aveum, though. My mission isn’t over quite yet.

In-game Journal description

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