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Skill Tree

Immortals of Aveum Skill Tree

You are able to level up and gain new Talents as you defeat enemies and explore the world in Immortals of Aveum. Your progression is tracked by an XP bar as you collect Arcanum. When you manage to fill up the whole progression bar, you will be rewarded with an Ascension. This skill point can be invested into your skill tree where you can purchase new Talents.

Talent Tree Overview

Screenshot of the in-game skill tree in Immortals of Avuem
Skill Tree Menu

There are 81 Talents to choose from to upgrade your character in Immortals of Aveum. There are talents that grant you passive bonuses but there are also more impactful skills that augment your abilities.

You can invest your Ascension Points to enhance every magic type as there are 3 Skill Trees that strengthen their corresponding magic color.

Each tree of the 3 trees has 27 Skills to unlock. Some skills require you to invest Ascension Points into another colored tree before you can unlock it.

You are able to respec your talent tree throughout the game if you want to change up your build. Resetting your talent tree comes at the cost of some Gold.

Magic ColorSkill TreeBonuses
RedBerserkerDamage & Armor increases
BlueStrike & BlockCrit & Shield increases
GreenRun & GunBlink & Fury Ability

Red Skills

Immortals of Aveum Red Skill Tree
Immortals of Aveum Red Skill Tree

Red Core Skills

Red Core SkillCostPowerDescription
Impulse1+5Increase the knockback of all spells
Safeguard1+5Increase Armor by 15
Red Acolyte1+5Increase Red Magic Power by 20%
Corrosive Punch1+5Striking an enemy with Melee inflicts Corrosion, which increases Red Spell damage to the target by 20%
Guard Punch1+5Striking an enemy with Melee recovers 10% Shield health.
Consuming Corrosion1+5Corrosion deals damage over time to afflicted enemies.
Exalted Corrosion2+5Increase the duration of Corrosion by 3 seconds.
Vanguard1+5Increase Armor by 20
Red Adept1+5Increase Red Magic Power by 40%
Chaos Dominion1+5Increase Dominion Mana generation from Red spells by 10%
Living Explosion2+5When a Red Magic infused Limpet explodes, you restore 5% of your maximum Health for each enemy hit.
Shred Punch2+5Melee attacks break most enemy Shields.
Red Mastery2+5Increase Red Magic Power by +60%
Rampage3+5At critical health, instantly cast Blastwave and gain 50% bonus Armor for 6 seconds (60 Seconds Cooldown).

Red Sigil Skills

Red Sigil SkillCostPowerDescription
Exalted Fragfire1+5Increase the damage of Red Sigil Striker by 20%
Wideshot1+5Increase the width of Red Sigil Strikes by 25%
Breakshot1+5Increase the Armor Shred of Red Sigil Strikes by 20%
Breaking an enemy Armor spell causes an explosion of Red Magic.
Gathering Chaos2+5Kills with Red Sigil Strikes grant +20 Red Magic Power for 2 seconds. Stacks up to five times.

Red Disrupt Skills

Red Disrupt SkillCostPowerDescription
Quick Beam1+5Reduce the cooldown of Disrupt by 20%
Corrosion Beam1+5Disrupt inflicts Corossion when it stuns an enemy

Red Blastwave Skills

Red Blastwave SkillCostPowerDescription
Exalted Blastwave1+5Increases the knockback and range of Blastwave by 40%
Corrosion Wave1+5Blastwave inflicts Corrosion on enemies
Chaos Fissure2+5Blastwave creases a Chaos Fissure that damages enemies and then detonates.

Red Fury Skills

Red Fury SkillCostPowerDescription

Blue Skills

Immortals of Aveum Blue Skill Tree
Immortals of Aveum Blue Skill Tree

Blue Core Skills

Blue Core SkillCostPowerDescription
Sharpshooter1+5Increases your Critical Hit Damage on all spells types.
Hardened Shield1+5Increase the health of the shield spell by 20%
Perfect Block1+5Your shield is invulnerable for 1 second after activation.
Repel1+5Enemies are knocked back when they attack your Shield.
Blue Acolyte1+5Increase Blue Magic power by 20%
Shield Mend1+5Using a Health Crystal heals your Shield to full.
Exalted Shield1+5Increase the health of the Shield spell by 50%
Force Dominion1+5Increase Dominion Mana generation with Blue spells by 10%
Fast Shield2+5Increase your movment speed when using the Shield spell.
Burstshield2+5Your Shield explodes when it breaks, knocking enemies back.

Blue Sigil Skills

Blue Sigil SkillCostPowerDescription
Exalted Shrikebolt1+5Increases the damage of all Blue Sigil Strikes by 20%

Blue Lash Skills

Blue Lash SkillCostPowerDescription
Quick Lash1+5Reduce the cooldown of Lash by 10%
Greater Lash1+5Cast an additional Lash.
Backlash2+5Lashing an enemy creates a Force explosion, knocking enemies back.

Blue Shatter Skills

Blue Shatter SkillCostPowerDescription

Blue Fury Skills

Blue Fury SkillCostPowerDescription

Green Skills

Immortals of Aveum Green Skill Tree
Immortals of Aveum Green Skill Tree

Green Core Skills

Green Core SkillCostPowerDescription
Mana Well1+5Passively regenerate one Segment of Fury Mana.
Quickstep1+5Reduce the cooldown on Blink by 25%
Green Acolyte1+5Increases Green Magic Power by 20%
Blink Surge1+5Blink temporarily increases all Magic Power by 20% for 3 seconds.
Guard Step1+5Blink temporary increases Armor by 100 for 2 seconds.
Greater Blink1+5Gain +1 Blink Charge
Piercing Boon1+5Slaying enemies with Critical Hits from Sigil strikes has a 25% chance to generate a segment of Fury Mana.
Green Dominion1+5Increase Dominion Mana generation for Green spells by 10%
Green Adept1+5Increases Green Magic Power by 40%
Fury Siphon+5Defeating an enemy with any Fury Spell restores 10% of your maximum Health

Green Sigil Skills

Green Sigil SkillCostPowerDescription
Exalted Stormshards1+5Increases the damage of all Green Sigil Strikes by 20%
Speedshard1+5Increase the Fire Rate of all Green Sigil Strikes by 10%.

Green Limpets Skills

Green Limpets SkillCostPowerDescription
Greater Vial1+5Cast an additional Limpet.
Exalted Limpets1+5Increase Limpets duration by 20%
Decay Limpets2+5Limpets apply a stack of Decay damage over time.

Green Torrent Skills

Green Torrent SkillCostPowerDescription
Decay Torrent1+5Torrent missiles apply a stack of Decay damage over time to each enemy hit.

Green Fury Skills

Green Fury SkillCostPowerDescription
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